Shutdown Vero 4K via Kodi Shutdown - but how to turn on?

Standby meaning technically full shutdown? (red LED)

Is there a way to map IR remote to turn on the Vero? That would be amazing.

I have remote from S905 box too, btw. But doesnt seem to work with vero.

It sadly doesn’t work with all remotes from S905 box. And yes: Standby means red LED.

Why not use a staples power strip with master control . I have used this one for years and it works very good You set the TV as Master and DVD-player, amplifier, Vero /raspberry, etc as slaves. Then you adjust the switching treshold to fit when shutting down all of your equipment and then you can use your Tv remote control to shut down or turn on all of your equipment.

This is a good workaround, but requires additional money to be spent…

If its possible to shutdown and wakeup vero in future with remote, i will be patiently waiting.

Well, my choise was to buy a programable remote control to be able to turn on and off my LG TV,Rotel amp. , LG DVD, Denon tuner. A Master slave solution is much cheaper, 139 Skr or £13


I’m very very pleased too with the Vero-4K which is a very well designed and evolutive product. But here is my request concerning Power management:

I do use a “staples power strip with master control” that allows me to power off the TV and its surrounding equipments before going to bed. But before pushing the remote button that will cut the electric power source, I have to switch off the Vero 4K (to be sure is it not being working at that moment).

Currently I have to go the main menu, then go down to Power menu and choose the “Power off” command (or something like that because my UI is in french). I know that it’s not a real Power-Off, but it is quite a Stand-By state allowing to cut the power (and to unplug the USB external disk) safely.

Therefore I would just need to be able to call this “Power off” command from the Vero 4K standard remote. Could you please sum-up briefly how to do this ? For instance by assigning the ‘Home’ long press to this ? Any suggestion ?

Thanks in advance for your kind support.
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In /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/ make sure there is a file called remote.xml

If not, you have to copy it first from /usr/share/kodi/system/keymaps

After that, you need to open /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/remote.xml with the nano command. When in that folder typ “nano remote.xml”.

You need to decide how you want it to work. Like, the Home button should do one thing when in videos, but when your at home menu, THEN it should power down.

In that file it’s kind of logical how it works. Find out what the name of the button is, and what the correct command to Power off is…

I hope this helps…


If you’d like to do this with a GUI, I’d recommend this addon:

It’s even more straightforward and self-explanatory…

Indeed that was easy thanks to this addon. Thank you very much for this piece of advice that helps a lot.

@soder : Thank you too for taking the time to explain the manual way step by step !

I just noticed that after doing “Power off” (red led), the power supply plug of the Vero 4K is making some noise (but not when it is on). That’s not a problem because I switch off the main power plug just after that.


hi all
currently thinking about getting Vero 4K but before hitting the buy button I need to know if I can properly integrate it with my Home Automation…
I already bought a 4k capable box once only to resell it once I realized I couldn’t turn it on with my devices over WOL or a controlled outlet.
When I cut power to the Vero 4K and re-establish power will it automatically boot up?
As I understood WOL is not supported? :frowning:


If you mean physical power, yes
No WOL at this time.

Perhaps if you can clarify things in more detail we can advise further


Guys, I also really like the Vero4k so far. But the power off and on thing is really an issue for me.
The box gets quite warm so leaving it 24/7 on is not a real option.

What about a standard behaviour like if you press the home button for 5 secons you trigger the power off from the menu.

Currently I can turn it on toggling my power strip. That would be a good behaviour as long as the USB power on off feature is not there yet.



The Vero 4k is designed to run 24/7, so it won’t be any problem if it warms up a bit. If you don’t place it on or close to a heater or a very hot AVR it should be absolutely fine. :+1:t2:

There won’t be a USB on/off feature with the Vero 4k as stated above in this thread - any form of wakeup from anything else than the suspend mode - which is already available - isn’t possible (not via USB, WOL or anything else).

You can very well configure your remote to your liking by mapping the shutdown command to a key manually. AFAIK, long-press commands are not yet supported by the OSMC remote.
If you need any advice as to how this is done, just give us a ping or have a look at this very useful Kodi addon:

The suspend mode should do the trick


I use Harmony (+SmartThings) to control all my HiFi components so I decided to add my Vero4k. I know it doesn’t use much power but I decided to add it anyway (and I don’t like the bright blue light that much). A smartplug turns on a several devices including the 4k when my HTPC activity starts. On shutdown, Harmony sends a command to put the 4k into standby (remapped similar to above) and the smartplug switches off after a 1 min delay. It works well but it was more complicated to setup than I expected.

I hope you mean to shutdown not standby

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Yes, correction, shutdown (red light)

And what about Vero’s operating system? It will somehow harm it, if I will power it off by pulling out power cable? As we all know, this is not a safe way to turn off devices with running OS. It need to be shut down properly. I dont wanna risk that one day it wont boot up, because of corrupted filesystem or OS.

I noticed, that in february update, it was added:
“Added standby / suspend support for Vero 4K”
…does anyone knows, how it works? It will somehow put Vero to sleep, like a PC does? Or there is standby mode as we know it from other electronics, and I can turn on Vero by remote?

Thanks :slight_smile: