Shutdown Vero 4K via Kodi Shutdown - but how to turn on?

Well, just making it that the blue led turns into a very soft red would be a neat magic trick. That blue led is the only thing I can see through my cabinet glass when “everything is turned off”.

That’s what we’ll be doing :smiley:


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Will this just be an LED change, or will there be anything more involved?

I’ve probably got a bit of a niche use-case (involving a standalone tvheadend server not suspending if clients are available on the network) but it would be useful if networking was shutdown on the faux suspend and re-enabled on the faux resume. Failing that, it would be great if arbitrary command hooks could be run based on each action.

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I’m undecided as to whether we should terminate network activity with this standby mode. I suspect not; as some people may still be running some background services. It could always be presented as an option.


The option to suspend networking would be great - I guess it would also be more akin, in terms of suspended services, to what most folk might expect from an Intel-ish world.

Yeah I’d do that by default, but allow to change this setting in some “Power Management” (Linux Mint term) menu item.

Same here. Not a niche case - Kodi waking up a NAS on access is an out-of-the box feature without add-on nowadays.

My TV also switches itself of, when connected devices are turned of.

If it can’t switch itself off and on it needs to be able to endure being switched externally. Which it probably doesn’t.

Hi all, this week I got my Vero4K to replace my HTPC and I’m also wondering about the missing standby functionality. Okay the power consumption is very low and for me it’s generally no problem to run it 24/7 but in this case the Vero4K wakes up my TV-Server continuously.

For me it would by nice to have a standby which includes the following two functions:

  • Standby and Wakeup via CEC
  • Kodi or PVR plugins cannot use the network interface to prevent sending of the Wake On Lan packet

Is this planned in further releases?

This is indeed planned


Well, my dumb practice carried over from the Raspberry Pi that the Vero 4K has replaced:
The device is connected to a power strip. When this is switched on, the device boots. When we’re finished watching stuff, I use the power menu to shut down the device and then cut power at the power strip’s switch.
Of course, this is uncomfortable insofar as you have to switch on the power without a remote, but it’s working, cheap and eco-friendly. (You could also attach your other devices, like TV etc. to the power strip.)

Will the new standby feature essentially suspend kodi? For example, if a movie is play and the standby option is triggered (via IR in my case) does that mean it will “Stop” the movie? This is how I used the box the Vero is replacing - and older intel NUC.

It is for that functionallity that I seek a standby mode and not so much for a power savings.

Thanks, its a solid device.


I had not thought of that. At the moment, it will not. There may be a way for us to ‘preserve’ Kodi’s state at a later time.


It’s nice to be able to put a box in standby even if it is still really on. I suppose a bit like the Apple TV. Its just in a sleep mode but the press of any button wakes it up. It’s nice to have no LEDs on at night. Not for power saving reasons. Just nice to know it’s in standby mode and it’s all ‘off’.

+1 for the standby feature.

And a question: I have a 2TB-hard Drive connected to my vero. I do understand that the box doesnt draw much power, but what is with the power consumption of the hard drive?
Benchmarks say, it should be somewhere around 5 to 10 Watts. Is there a way to suspend connected drives after a certain time? Or is the Standby feature itself foreseeable?

Your drive should spin down after a while. That will reduce power a lot. 2.5" drives use less than 5W.

Hello, i too am finding it hard to leave my Vero 24/7 running, mainly because its quite warm.

Is there any progress to this? Previously i had random S905 box which could hibernate and i could wake it up with IR remote just fine (it was full standby - not warm device - red light ON), it was Android based though.

I’m really happy with the Vero, this is basically the only thing i wish it had - suspend/standby/sleep feature.

Even some kind of downclock would be fine with me - as long as the device is not so warm…

A display standby feature would be great if this is possible in the future.

Im using the complete black screensaver for my oled tv but now it happens because i have disabled the led on my tv that i forget to switch it off since there is no way to see if the device is really turned off or just the screensaver running without touching the remote.

If it would be possible to disable the signal during standby my tv would turn off automatcially after a few minutes.

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Please wait for a test build soon


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I am using an IR remote from another S905X based box (if i remind correctly it is a Sammix R95) in order to turn on the Vero4k from standby.

Yes, the bootloader will accept the standard AMLogic power signal.