Soundbar and Vero 4K

dear all,

I recently purchased a soundbar and would need your advice on the best setup to enjoy DTS, etc.

Is there any recommended setup how to connect Vero 4K + TV + Soundbar? I’m not an audio expert and not sure what cable should be used with what device.

Also I enabled passthrough on the Vero 4K (left channels on 2.0) and enabled “Dts capable receiver”, currently the VERO is connected to the tv (Samsung) and the soundbar to the tv as well with hdmi arc.

Is this setup capable of providing the best sound on the soundbar from the Vero or do you have any other recommendation? should i adjust the channels or anything else?

thank you so much for everybody who is willing to help!

Start here

thanks Grahamn, this was super useful!

So I connected the VERO with hdmi to the tv and with optical to the ampifier (soundbar).

What I didn’t find is whether I should set the channels from the default 2.0 to something else? (e.g. 5.1 or 7.1, technically the soundbar should emulate that i think)

The other thing i don’t know is whether if i rely on the HDMI only to the the tv and from tv to the ampifier (soundbar), does it mean that the tv will “decode” the sound and push that decoded to the soundbar?

Thx again!


This depends on whether the TV supports 7.1 input, most only support 2.0 when using pass-through.

Thanks Tom.

You cannot get 7.1 through optical. It will pass DD (AC-3) or plain DTS at best (ie 5.1 max).

Click through to the recommended settings Wiki and you will see that to get 5.1 you need to set channels = 2.0 and Enable Dolby Digital (AC3) transcoding. If your TV supports DD on HDMI (I think most modern TVs do although they may not say so in the specs) that should pass 5.1 encoded audio to the optical port. If your TV does not support DD on HDMI you will probably be limited to stereo. If so, consider connecting vero’s optical output to the soundbar.


Edit: Sorry, just re-read your post. You already have vero connected to soundbar. It is highly unlikely your TV will encode 5.1 PCM signal to a DD signal for the its optical output, so stick with what you have.

thank you.

I left the setup the following:
from vero:

  • hdmi to tv
  • optical to soundbar

vero settings:

  • audio passthrough enabled
  • sync to display disabled
  • channels: 3.0
  • dts + ac3 enabled

If i’m not mistaken this will bring the DTS directly to the soundbar and let it use right?

The soundbar is a bose soundbar 700 with a bass module so i think the 3.1 is the right setup for channels.

Anything else you can think of that i’m missing/would improve sound quality?

thanks again!

You can’t get more than 2 channel LPCM through optical.

hi @sam_nazarko ,

But optical cable can support more than 2 channels, no?

Also this is from the wiki:
“2.1.1. If your amplifier has TOSlink (optical) inputs, connect your Vero (1 or 4k) TOSlink output (or RPi HAT TOSlink) to your amplifier. Connect your Vero2 S/PDIF output through a coaxial-TOSlink converter. You will be able to play stereo LPCM and will most likely be able to play DTS and DD 5.1 surround (but not DTS-MA or TrueHD) depending on your amplifier’s capabilities.”

My aim is to get more than 2 channels, how else could i do this if the amplifier has no hdmi?


You should set channels to 2
DTS and AC3 on; enable AC3 transcoding

This will give you the best experience.

okay, i will do, but will it provide more than 2 channels on the amplifier?

You can only get more than 2 channels by passing through DTS or AC3. AC3 transcoding will convert multi-channel audio to AC3 to get you 5.1

thx @sam_nazarko

so i set the following, is this okay?

Change PCM to HDMI
Enable Mute HDMI audio setting.


thx @sam_nazarko

where can i find “enable Mute HDMI audio” setting? Can’t see it on this panel :frowning:

It’s under Settings -> Display.

found it @sam_nazarko , thank you!

Is there any way to crosscheck whether all settings are correct e.g. via the log?


Yes – but also let us know if things work for you should do the trick.

thx @sam_nazarko, I did the settings, but not sure how I could test it. I can hear it okay, but not sure how to check whether 5.1 is really coming through. do you have any recommendation/trick?

Your soundbar should have a display or give some info.
If you have followed the advice it should be working

There are plenty of surround test clips on the interweb.