SPDIF/Optical Out very loose...no sound

Hi team…so did some light dusting behind Vero 4k etc and SPDIF fell out…tried to put back in and just no positive click…tried somes tunes and doesn’t work…if I push the cable in hard it sometimes works but as soon as I release it , it does not work…just seems strange…it can come out with the loosest of pulls…I can try another cable tomorrow but don’t remember when I set the sound up that there was no positive click for the SPDIF…seem to remember it all just fitted snugly in…

Any thoughts/help greatly appreciated .



What kind of cable did you use?

When removing the cable, always make sure you remove it straight out, not at an angle.


Some pointers here Toslink socket is so la la

Cable used was generic Optical SPDIF one…nothing special…just when I look into the hole on the Vero 4k I can see in the optical out bit that there is a metal like spring…I assume this is to keep the cable in…I hope it is the cable that has failed and not the other way around…just can’t see what the problem is…been working well for 6 months…


Just read grahamh link…very helpful thank you…however I am fairly certain mine never had a cover flap to the Opt out bit…

Sry to disappoint, but there definitely was. :wink:


Can you post a photo of this so we can confirm?


I had a look behind and found a broken flap…way too small and dark now to explore…
Here’s picture…

I don’t remember any flap neither – though it seems there was one, briefly. There’s @Chillbo recipe how to fix that yourself - I intend to do it. Currently I get sound as long as I carefully slide it into the socket and don’t touch the 4k.

Thanks thobu…can you post the direct link for the fix please…


Toslink socket is so la la - #12 by Chillbo for more details get int touch with @Chillbo

Or @thobu could help with some photos of his try to repair the flap - which I forgot to do. I can “just” describe the process. :wink:

Think I have a handle on the process…will have to tackle tomorrow. …
In terms of best quality…would the tv optical out to dac/stereo be good/the same?..any other way of getting sound out from vero 4k? Thanks m

HDMI, Audio Out are two alternatives

TVs often only output audio resampled to 48kHz from their optical out and often don’t switch sample rates depending on the source at all.

I’d stick to the Vero’s own optical out or HDMI, if possible.

Let us know, if you need any help down the way. :+1:t2: And good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok…so I have hdmi to tv and then i could get 3m optical cable to dac then into amp…
If I didn’t use the vero’so own Opt out then surely this is the only option…

Happy to learn…


Last one…so I could use the 3.5mm hole one nearest the middle to the opt in my Dac …I have a 3.5mm lead to optical in…this should work right?

A usb dac does it for me

I’ll try and break an SPDIF port on a test board tomorrow. I know they’re certified for 100 plugs or so at a worst case scenario.


Thanks Sam…thing is I have probably only fiddled with the back about 4 times during set up and now it’s broken. I have got it to work though by pushing it in and holding in position with some tape…but it is a bit Heath Robinson.