Subtitle brightness setting

I had expected this would be a much requested feature, but …

Watching HDR10 movies on an OLED isn’t the most pleasing activity. The subtitles are very bright at maximum luminance. A setting to lower the brightness of subtitles would be a great addition.

Thank you.

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This is something we can take a look at in the future.


There is a thread on this, with some workarounds.

That would be great! Much appreciated. :smile:

Do you have a link? Would be nice if I can enable this, with a workaround.

This is one thread - search for HDR subtitles.

Thank you.

It seems a much longer requested feature. Adding >font color="#808080"< to every line of subtitle would spoil the movie and takes an enormous amount of time.

Searched some more. It seems adding this feature will make a lot of people very happy. :wink: I hope it isn’t extremely difficult to incooperate.

I have an idea but I’m trying not to spend too much time on the old kernel when we might be able to get 4.9 out in the foreseeable future.

hi, for this task you could use Subtitle Edit
select all, right click, color…

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Yes, this seems to work. Great suggestion and for me a good option, since I download all subtitles manualy.

I’d also appreciate a feature to dim bright white subtitles in HDR. It’s not an emergency but it would be nice.

Setting the subtitle colour to Blue rather than Grey dims them to acceptable levels.

If I could add to this feature request the option to set subtitle transparency.

+1 for this feature request.

May I add that for me it would be ideal to have a separate setting for SDR & HDR content. Preferably color and transparency (%) selection.

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Was there a solution for this?
I had to reinstall osmc and now I can’t find where to change font colors. Maybe I had another skin installed, can’t remember. But it was a menu where you could choose from several colors. (it didn’t separated from sdr to hdr, but I can live with that)
So the Q is, where to do this? Is it not incorporated in the osmc-skin, but to find in other skins?

It is not skin specific. The color selection is in settings>player>language>color

Note that this only applies to text based subtitles and image based subtitles (such as what are found on DVD and Blueray) cannot be modified.

Great, thanks a lot!

I had to choose “expert” in the left menu before “colour” would show up.

I second the request to allow picking different colors for the subtitles.
In my case, yellow works fine.