[TESTING] Kodi 17 (Krypton) Beta Builds for all platforms


Positive. I have been using this set up for months and it just started happening post-v17 upgrade approximately 2 days ago within a few reboots. It never happened before on previous versions. It does seem quite random. I’ve rebooted a few times and still waiting for it to do it again.


Looks like RC1 has a bug and stops randomly playing mkv’s may other video container too, is RC2 on pipe for OSMC?

Restarting kodi per command helps

will post bug-report if needed


RC2 has not been released by Kodi, so we have nothing to release ourselves at this time


Ah ok, my bad. Debug Logging is on, but where can I deactivate the on-screen message?

There is the log, CPU-KODI goes behind 100%



RC2 wasn’t publicly announced by Team Kodi, but it’s released and downloadable for all platforms since Dec. 30, 2016:
http://mirrors.kodi.tv/releases/win32/kodi-17.0-Krypton_rc2.exe for example…

All nightlies are RC3 at this time.


Thanks for letting me know.

I had seen a bump to RC3 in Kodi’s GitHub repository, but assumed that the lack of announcement for RC2 may have been due to stability issues.

I will produce a new build for the next publicly announced release.


(Not sure if this is the best place to raise this … but here goes …)

The “Deinterlace method” “Auto Select” seems to be making a poor choice for 1080i HDTV (for example WCBS from New York) in Kodi 17 running on a Raspberry Pi 2.

In Kodi 16, “Video - Settings” I had “Deinterlace Video - Auto” and “Deinterlace method - Auto Select” and whatever it picked, it seemed to be OK. (Not certain where to look to see what it was actually using for Deinterlace method)

In Kodi 17, these two settings seem to have been combined into a single option. When I set “Deinterlace method - Auto Select”, for HD channels broadcasting in 1080i there is a very noticeable “stutter”. About every 1-2 seconds there appears that the picture freezes for a few frames (2-4 frames?). The Deinterlace method selected is shown as “adv(x2)” (as seen in “Player process info” by pressing “O”).

When I select the method “MMAL - Advanced” in Kodi 16, the same “stutter” is seen, so it would appear that the actual Deinterlace processing hasn’t actually changed, but the selection of a method has.

I’m a little surprised that I can’t find anyone else complaining about this. Is it just me? can anyone confirm that the method selection for a Raspberry Pi has changed?

And as a workaround, what Deinterlace method should I select manually? What are the advantages/disadvantages of MMAL - Bob vs MMAL Advanced (half)?

(Here is a log, if it helps)


Thanks for the report.

@popcornmix will be best to answer this


Well, there is a more or less public statement there (https://kodi.tv/kodi-v17-krypton-release-candidate-1):



Hi guys, in first attempt installing the beta some days ago I ended up with sad face loop caused by some incompatible addons and because I had no time to investigate the logs I reverted back to stable release.

Today I gave it another try (seems to be RC1 now according to logs?) - this time the upgrade went pretty fine. I’m using default Kodi’s Estuary skin (sorry, just like it more than OSMC one) but I struggle to save the changes made to the Kodi settings like removed categories, weather info being displayed in top right corner - all these changes are gone after the reboot.
In ~/.kodi/temp/kodi.log are several entries like:
WARNING: CSkinInfo: failed to load skin settings - presumably this might be the cause, however any hint how to fix that?

As always - when you ask a question on forum, you solve the issue within next fives minutes - I have made a backup of ~/.kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml and deleted the file, then it got created automatically and changes are preserved after reboot.


I installed on my RP3 but ended up in a boot loop at the addons section of the Krypton load screen. Is that due to incompatible addons with Kodi 17? Please can you help me work out the culprits if so?


The warning from the log is irrelevant, it’s in all logs. How are you making changes to guisettings? In the menus or by editing the file on the command line? If in the menus, try selecting exit from the shutdown menu and then waiting for Kodi to restart. If by cli, you must stop Kodi before editing the file by hand, them restart Kodi.


Sorry but you are expected to understand these things when running beta software. Resolving this been discussed previously in this thread. We are trying to focus all developer time on developing here…


No worries. I knew what I was getting into and I have backed up my old Kodi 16 OSMC settings. Just was wondering if anyone could help work out which addon was causing the issue. I’m going to install a fresh build of Kodi 17 and have a play before reverting to my backup settings :slight_smile:


Thanks for understanding the bigger picture :wink:

Good luck and enjoy!


Running 17.0-RC1 on a Pi 2, it seems that HDMI audio passthrough is disabled with VideoPlayer/MMAL (see log, playback starting at 15:37:59.943). It works with OMXPlayer (playback starting at 15:36:38.047).

I have read @popcornmixhint that passthrough is only supported when “sync playback to display” is disabled and you are not playing live content (including PVR).

I’ve experienced the situation with PVR recordings, “sync playback to display” always disabled. Is this working as intended?

Apart from some quirks with the artist scraper and a nightly OSMC crash (which I still have to examine with debug enabled), RC1 works great for me (using movies, music. TVH PVR). Congratulations and thanks for all the work! :slight_smile:


What do you mean by “sync playbck to display” is disabled?
How are you determining it is disabled?
Are you saying you can’t enable it in settings?

passthrough is only supported when “sync playback to display” is disabled and you are not playing live content (including PVR)[/quote]
This quote is accurate. PVR refers to streams reported as live through PVR client. That will include live TV, but probably not recorded TV (but that depends on what the client reports).


Correct. This has been fixed in a firmware update. You can get the same effect by adding “core_freq=400” to config.txt (or using OSMC settings add-on). You could also manually update the firmware, or wait for the next build (which hopefully will contain latest firmware).

This only affects Pi1 and Pi2, as Pi3 and Pi0 have core_freq=400 as a default when boosted.
With the latest firmware the core_freq=400 boost will happen automatically on all Pi devices when using HD advanced deinterlace.


I will update the firmware for OSMC’s January update.


I meant to say that “sync playback to display” consistently shows as “disabled” in settings. I’ve never attempted to change the setting. I just wanted to make sure that “sync ptd” does not interfere here.

So for me, I’d always go with OMXPlayer for now. I wouldn’t want some PVR/player interaction behind the scenes to silently revert my explicit choice for HDMI passthrough. My AVR knows my 5.1 speaker configuration (volume levels and such), Kodi doesn’t. Better ideas welcome.