[TESTING] Kodi 17 (Krypton) Beta Builds for all platforms


This raises a bunch of dumb-ass questions in my mind, but since they would help no-one - least of all me - if I were to ask them here, I’ll maybe play around with the core_freq setting, but will basically wait for the January update.

Thanks guys …


Audio output configuration broken for multichannel on RPi3 in Kodi 17?

I have sound set to HDM/5.1, but output configurations “best match” or “optimized” are not working correctly anymore when decoded by Kodi. On 5.1 sources (DD or dts) only L/R channels are sent to the receiver (center is clearly missing, I can hear no voices :slight_smile:, receiver displays 2.0 ). Using “fixed” the sound is correct.

Has been like that on 17 beta and on 17 RC, used to work perfectly on Kodi 16. Is this a known bug?


Nope, not heard of this. I use optimised without problem.
Create a new post. Include a debug log that shows the problem.


Thanks, I did: Audio output configuration not working for multichannel on RPi3 in Kodi 17


This problem starts to happen more often, did someone reproduce this?


There are hints that Kodi is having issues with UPnP servers. Is yours related?



I will check this, but I have no DLNA Server in my home-net and I didn’t have the problem with the previous version from OSMC or the previous Beta


Is the issue present on this build even if moving your .kodi directory and starting a clean install?


rename to somthing else and restart should do, or not?


Yes, to find out if it’s something in your Kodi config that is causing the CPU thrash. If you rename your .kodi directory, a new, default .kodi will be created. If the issue is then resolved then you’ll know the issue is cause by some addon or configuration.


So renamend and restart didn’t work


then provide logs


Hi, just want to know if team osmc is working on a update with krypton included at the moment. If so, is there a rough realease date you can give?
…Or do you guys have to wait for sth. from the kodi devs atm?


Based on Sam’s previous strategy Krypton as an official update in OSMC will only come after Krypton will released be “final” by Kodi team


Had a few hard days off watching films and series with the OSMC but seems to be gone (had it frosen just one time after it but get no logs) nothing to annoy atm.


Kodi Krypton RC3 has now just been announced and released.
Builds for OSMC will follow soon. Probably over the weekend.


Thank you Sam. Will test and give feedback :slight_smile:


And there we go again Kodi used above 100%
there is the log http://paste.osmc.io/oyowukahiv


You seem to use a vnc server. Can you try to deactivate that and see if it still happens?


Well, will do it and we will see what happend