[TESTING] Kodi 17 (Krypton) builds for Raspberry Pi (continued)


I am wondering if I am not becoming crazy :
I did a fresh install of Jarvis and did test regional settings : set keyboard to AZERTY french and my wirless keyboard remains QWERTY :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :ghost: …same new issue I did face in Krypton.

At least I have been able to confirm that Jarvis Libcec version is correctly waking up my AVR even if it takes 5 to 10 sec after TV goes from standby to ON.
Kryton Libcec version is not.


You need to report this to libCEC’s GitHub issue tracker if you want this fixed.

I think that only changes the appearance of the on screen keyboard.


So I am crazy now for sure! Because I think I can remember having doing that tones of time previously and my keyboard was realy set to AZERTY.
Going to call the hospital.

EDIT : before getting confined I have just made a donation 1CT732750U482954W


I use QWERTY here, so I’m not actually sure about this behaviour. I am sure someone else can confirm for you.

Thanks :thumbsup:


well thats pretty simple to test even with your QWERTY keybaord : set it to AZERTY inside Kody, then try typping QWERTY would display qwerty = 0 change in the hardware handling.


Yes – for now that would be expected behaviour, as OSMC doesn’t use loadkeys, and keyboard layout probably needs to be set up at the console.


but it was working some weeks (days?) ago.
The console keyboard wasn’t changed BUT inside kody the hardware layout was correctly chanded.
Under console I needed a second step : Configuring Azerty Keyboard


I am not sure then.

If you have made changes such as installing console-setup this may have changed things.


KOdi is one of the best addon.


In order to see if my libcec issues and keyboard layout issue was OSMC thing or just Kodi related I did install Libreelec.
Libcec :
Libreelec seems to share the same version as OSMC : 4.0 v1 and has the same issues :

  • doesnt wake up the AVR when TV resume from standby
  • gives a blank screen when resuming if “stop playing when TV stanby” is choosed in Libcec options.

In previous version of Libcec my AVR (Yamaha RX-v473) was correctly turned ON when TV was resuming from standby.

Keyboard : here, Libreelec works perfectly and choosing AZERTY French keyboard change the screen keyboard but ALSO the hardware keyboard layout to AZERTY.
On the latest test version OSMC doesnt do that correctly and leaves hardware keyboard to QWERTY.

EDIT : I just tested again and reinstalled Libreelec, and regarding the keyboard, I did forget to mention that I did set it to “fr” inside Libreelec config and not only inside Kody.


I installed a fresh copy of OSMC, did the upgrade to Krypton, everything seems to work fine EXCEPT when I try to add addons: it says it can’t connect to the repository. When I try to wget this file commandline there is no issue. Anyone have any idea what could cause this ? thanks !

update: sorry, didn’t read the forum rules, I uploaded all logs to http://paste.osmc.io/ihijomahiw

This is the part where it seems to fail:

21:05:28.241 T:1474294768 WARNING: Read - timeout waiting for data
21:05:28.243 T:1474294768   ERROR: CRepository: failed read 'http://download.osmc.tv/kodi/addons/krypton/addons.xml.gz.md5'
21:05:31.615 T:1958998016   ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting addons://repos/


Same for me. Any solution?


repository.xbmc.org-10.0.0.zip (43.3 KB)

The problem is the repo is v16 and not v17 so it doesn’t let you access any addons. I made the changes to the repo in the ZIP please try it and let me know if it works for you


I see that a new thread “Kodi 18” as been started with nightlies pushed.
I personally still have some issues with Kypton and can only guess that I am not the only one :wink:

So why starting a 18 version when 17 is still in beta with load of things that need to be adressed?

Or maybe I don’t understand well, maybe 18 version is supposed to also fix some 17 bugs?


Because v17 betas are now my job, and stable will land soon (probably just over a month).

v17 is branched, but development of new features will go in to master, which will be v18. With v18 builds, you can expect breakage until you hit more mature stages of the development cycle.


I’m just waiting for Beta 7


At least I managed to get one of CEC issues fixed :
Now with Libcec v4 you need to change the default “hdmi_ignore_cec_init=1” to 0 in config.txt.
With that I am now able to configure Libcec to wake up my AVR when the TV is turned ON from standby.
It took me a lot of time messing with Libcec settings when the problem was in the config.txt.


That shouldn’t be necessary.

I believe the setting simply prevents the firmware from bringing up CEC; but libCEC should still power on your AVR when Kodi starts.


trust me, it wasn’t.
Inside the Libcec 4 settings I think I have try any possible combinaisons, and it was like they had no effect at all.
Beleive me or not, but I did try during maybe 10 or 15 hours in total trying all possible combinaisons, starting the AVR before, after kodi, same for the TV, same for kodi…
I did even test sending commands to wake up/standby TV and/or AVR (I cant recall what commands exactly) directly through SSH, and what is strange is that all where working correctly.

I can understand that the CEC thing is hard for dev to work on and test since there is a lot of different TV/AVR combo arround and even some brand implementing there “own” CEC.
But maybe some basic guidlines/tutorial could be written somewhere to help user to “debug”/configure Libcec themself on their own install.
Those commands I did use using SSH give feedback and seems chatty with a lot of informations, but since I didn’t know what to do with those infos they where useless for me.

Anyway, I have now something that wasn’t working and now is :slight_smile: I will try in the next days to see if more functions of Libcec are also working now.
For exemple turning of my AVR wasn’t working too (I was using my TV option to standby the AVR instead), maybe it is now.


Then you should post a log so we can see why it’s not powering up.