Vero 4k+ and Harmony Ultimate One

Hello, want to know if it’s possible to use Harmony Ultimate One for Vero 4+ and Osmc.
Thanks a lot.


I haven’t Harmony Hub, and I read everywhere we need harmony hub for control Vero with a harmony. Not a other solution?

The Vero has both bluetooth and ir. You can program your Harmony to control it with the built in ir. A Harmony Hub would allow you to control it over bluetooth, but that is not necessary.

By using IR receiver in harmony?
I’m tryin’ by pressing touche near the remote, but remote doesn’t receive signal.

This might help you to get started with your Harmony One:

Maybe @JimKnopf can help you get up and running - he’s been using IR with a Harmony until recently.

ok, here we go

  1. first, you need to set an appropriate IR remote control profile on the Vero, so, with the original remote control go to GUI menu My OSMC -> Remotes and here choose xbox360-lircd. With that the Vero listens also for an IR remote of a Microsoft xbox 360.
  2. In Logitech’s app of your Harmony remote (most possible “MyHarmony”) insert a new device namely a Microsoft xbox 360. From that point on your Vero should react on button presses of your Harmony once the xbox360 device is chosen. The rest of defining actions and customizing start sequences is documented elsewehere on Logitech related web pages.

Hope this helps a bit.

Thanks. It’s works and I"ve “return touch” who is it ok.