Vero 4k+ External bluray / AACS

I’m trying to play bluray discs (original). I keep receiving a message saying that the disks are encrypted. In the forum I found your post Sam that you should install the AACS keys. Just how should I do it? Can I play such discs at all? I am using Vero 4k +, bluray Samsung SE-506. Logs in the link:

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Yes. If you are playing encrypted Blu-ray discs, then you’ll need AACS keys. We’re not allowed to distribute them, but they can be downloaded as follows:

mkdir -p /home/osmc/.config/aacs 
wget -O /home/osmc/.config/aacs/KEYDB.cfg

You may wish to use a cronjob to regularly update the list of keys.



Unfortunately, it did nothing. Does not download certificates:

ERROR: No certificate was presented by '. ERROR: The certificate 'has expired.
The certificate has expired.


wget --no-check-certificate -O /home/osmc/.config/aacs/KEYDB.cfg


The certificates have been downloaded, unfortunately the discs are still not played


There is only a fairly limited number of discs that can be decrypted with those keys – and they were apparently last updated about 18 months ago. So anything released since then will probably not be playable. Search the keydb.cfg – it’s just a text file – for the disc you are trying to play. If it’s not there then you are out of luck.

Thank you for the information . I checked keydb.cfg, Leon Professional is there, but I suspect it’s another release. I understand that it is not possible to add another edition to the keydb.cfg file ?

I’m sure it’s possible to add keys to the file but I have never bothered to investigate the possibility. I either play my blurays with a dedicated bluray player (what a concept!) or I rip them with MakeMKV.

Hello. Thanks for the help. I was able to add AACS keys to the KEYDB.cfg file. Everything works ok. If anyone has a similar problem, I recommend two programs DVDFab and FindVUK. It is very easy !!

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Did you have to buy DVDFab ? I remember it being pricey. I had a lifetime license but I’m pretty sure I lost it and the email associated with it

No, I didn’t buy anything. I had the free version.