Vero 4K HDMI CEC stopped working

Starting today, I am no longer able to control one of my VERO 4K boxes using the TV remote. The following appears when it boots.

Swapping the 2 boxes I have, it is always the one on the main TV that does it.
I can think of nothing that has changed since last night.

Disconnect all devices in the chain from power (not simply standby.)

Wait 5 min and re-power everything again.

Report back if issue persists.

That seems to have fixed it for now. Will check again later.

Many thanks.

This has started happening again and disconnecting devices hasn’t worked this time.

As it’s been a year – it would be good to know to see some logs. Have you updated your device in this time etc?

I’ve kept my device updated. Unplugging everything for a second time, but for longer seems to have fixed it for now. When it happened again, I tried looking in the logs, but found nothing.

It would have been good to see some logs here.

You might get chance see some logs as it still doesn’t work properly.