Vero 4K+ order

Hi There,

i’ve ordered mine on 16th januari, but it’s still in process.
The answer i got on mail was the delay with PostNL but what i could see is tht it still in the UK?

Will i get it this week?

Regards Richard

I can’t speak for anyone else, but when I ordered mine the shipping info stopped updating once it left the UK. I had to look up a separate tracking number for domestic shipping information.

enter the RV number you’ve got in email

Piggybacking on this to not clog forum with boring threads… How long do orders usually take to be dispatched? Ordered on 23rd but not heard anything since (shipping to UK).

What’s the order number?


This has already shipped.

Great, and thanks for the superfast response! I haven’t received any other emails other than the original order confirmation, which is why I assumed it hadn’t shipped.

Tracking details can take up to 24 hours to come through.

Hi, mine has be shipped 23-01 Is there a tracking number for my order? 22608.

Regards Richard

Hi, the order is sent with RV: Letter post: registered, but not insured delivery, do you always sent the parcel like this, i paid more than 120 Euro for the Vero. Could jou garanty that it will be delivered?

Otherwise i didn’t matter if i had to pay For shipping.
120 euro is a lot of money for me :disappointed_relieved:

Maybe you could track it For me RV204346643GB
Tracking code was given 23 januari

Regards Richard

Then check on continue tracking (will open PostNL International Parcel Tracking

If it’s shipped – the tracking details will be in the email.


All Veros are tracked and insured. In the unlikely event an item is lost, we re-send it, free of charge.

You have nothing to worry about.

The item isn’t lost however; but is awaiting a security scan in Netherlands right now.

Delivery to Netherlands is currently a bit slow (it can take a couple of weeks).



Sorry for piggybacking on this, but I ordered on January 24th, and it still shows as processing. Any estimate for the shipping date?

Without an order number, it’s hard to speculate. Soon.

Sorry, remembered to copy but forgot to paste. I’m an idiot. Here’s the order number 22779

If you’re concerned with international shipping, you might want to read my original post on the issue: Hail and Welcome! Unboxing Vero 4K+, First Thoughts and Progress! suffice to say, I received mine within a reasonable time-frame and VERY securely packaged and couldn’t be happier!

Hi Sam, can you please look into order 22809, can you check if it is sent? I only see “Processing”.
Thank you.


That should go out today and you will receive an email when it ships.

Thanks for your patience.