Vero 4K playing 4k ISO

Just received the Vero 4k and testing with 4k material, seems to do a good job thus far, however it will not play 4k ISO and does not give me any option when I try to play the file.

Can this device not play 4K ISO’s.

AFAIK, nothing has changed since then:

that is very disappointing that it cannot play this type of file which I find is a pre requisite for this kind of player…

Oh well another player that will be going back.

Actually I think this is more to do with the limitation of Kodi than the Vero player, either way not a keeper for me, back on the look out, maybe the new Dune 4k pro will tick the boxes.

Are you looking to just play the main movie, or the special features? If you just want the main movie, why not just use makemkv to rip it out of the ISO. You won’t loose any quality, and makemkv is currently free.

Yes just the main movie, Makemkv is windows I have a Mac so tricky.


MakeMKV is available for MacOS X:

Thanks Tom.

ha ha yes I checked as soon as I had replied, downloading now to test it.

I have also heard that Kid 18 Beta can read ISO 4K so hopefully that will provide longer term fix.

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Well, if you are only watching the main movie, why waste the space involved by keeping the ISO around? Depending on now many you have, the extra space could really add up.


It’s been a while since I looked at this.
4K UHD ISOs use a different BD structure; but support has been added to our version of libbluray.

Once Kodi adds support (this is expected), we will in turn be able to provision more functionality for UHD ISOs. At this point it looks more like a matter of when, rather than if.



No player that isn’t certified by the BDA will ever be guaranteed to play Blu-Ray or UHD ISOs.

But, a BDA-certified player comes with a lot of other restrictions (like Cinavia detection, and limits on the bitrates of non-pressed media) that the Vero doesn’t have.

Also, most UHD disks are nothing but the main movie, with no extras. The menu structure is just a waste of space and time. Extracting to m2ts or mkv makes it easily playable.

Note that you don’t need any special tools…the MKV toolkit directly supports Blu-Ray and UHD structure. Just drag the “index.bdmv” file to the MKVToolnix GUI, pick the right playlist from the display (usually the one with the longest time), and you’ll get everything including chapters ready to mux to MKV. De-select what you don’t want, and click “Start Multiplexing”.