Vero V missing keypresses & pairing other osmc remote

Okay. We will have some mitigations soon.

As a stop gap, you could plug the USB3 thumb drive in to the USB2 drive. As it’s not a hard drive, you obviously can’t place it away from the unit without an extension cable.

Out of curiosity, why is the USB Hub from the OSMC store not working (nothing happens, drives aren’t mounted) when plugged into the 2.0 port?

Is that expected behaviour, it works fine in the 3.0 port as well as with my Vero 4K+?

Not sure - some logs would help, as well as knowing what you’re attaching. If it’s a hard drive, the USB3 port can supply more power

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I have 4 hard drives attached to the hub, all of them with their own separate power supply. Was just surprised as with the 4K+ the exact same setup works with the 2.0 ports but on the V only with the 3.0 port. In any case, it’s okay, the remote works properly now even with the hub connected to the 3.0 port :man_shrugging:

Well, I finally got around to hooking up the V and I have yet to experience any missed keypresses.
I’m totally sure others are having this issue, and it makes sense with USB 3.0 being a known interference for years, but I have yet to have any issues.
For those wondering, I have ten, yes ten, as in 10, USB 3.0 hard drives connected to my Vero V.
I’m don’t keep my Vero next to the drives but I will experiment with placing it next to them and see how things go.

Okay, turns out placement is very critical with the V.
Moving it out of sight I get no response what so ever.
If I so much as turn the V so the front is not facing me but instead the side is, I get mostly missed keys.
It’s almost as if it wants a direct line of sight like IR.
If I cup my hand over the end of the remote it doesn’t respond at all.
I have to assume it’s using RF because it paired during the setup process.
But it behaves like an IR remote practically.

I believe what you are seeing is the reduced range that is happening due to USB 3.0 interference. If your sitting close to the edge of the signal working then it doesn’t take much to lower that further where the signal gets lost. The receiver is somewhat directional and the clearest signal path is in the front so turning the unit is expected to affect it. The human body is also a decent absorber of radio waves so that logically should reduce it further as well. Optimal placement of connected USB 3 devices from my testing is to the rear-right of the Vero V. If one uses a decent quality USB extension before their first device to get some physical separation this usually helps a lot. One of my drives that, when connected with the short cable it came with, cut range to just a couple meters would, when connected instead with a 1m USB 3.1 cable, allow the remote to work up to something like 10+m.

I can confirm that keeping the drives to the right did improve the remotes responsiveness in my environment as well.
I have my drives setup up in the center of my TV stand underneath my TV, if I put the V on the right side of my TV it practically needs line of sight to work, but if I move it to the left of my TV (which means the HDDs are to the right of the V) it works well enough and can even handle not having a direct line of sight (I tested by placing objects between me and the V) but it will lose it’s ability to communicate if there are too many obstacles and this is at about 10ft (3m).

One reason I updated to the Vero V, was that my 4K remote had ceased communicating with the box (and yes, I tried the forum posted means of pairing them). I had to repeatedly press a button 15+ times to get it to register.

Now imagine my distress when my brand new Vero V, fresh out of the box, was missing remote key presses.

I’ve followed the advice in this forum and moved the position of the box relative to the powered USB port and hard drives I have connected to it. I’ve also made certain I’m using the USB 2.0 connection.

This has MOSTLY solved my problem, but mostly still leaves me one foot inside the purgatory of ignored button presses.

I was informed (over e-mail) that a solution of some sort was forthcoming and to watch this space. I’ve been dutifully doing so, but after ten days I thought it was time to ask: Are we there yet? Or at least getting closer?

Maybe OSMC should offer a remote that’s IR based. At this point, the older technology might be the more reliable option.

There should be an enhanced dongle available very soon. The Vero V, like the 4K’s before it, have IR sensors in the front of them that will work with IR remotes. Using your TV remote via CEC is an additional option. The RF remotes have a much faster response time than any of these options though which I’d imagine is the primary reason why it was chosen over going with an IR solution.

Yes, I’m aware. Prior to receiving my Vero V, I was using my LG remote to control the 4K; but some buttons/commands appeared to be missing, and it was an inelegant, incomplete solution.

I do like OSMC and the Vero boxes. The truth is the improved privacy (relative to smart TVs), and long term software support make up for any hardware deficiencies. I look forward to the release of ‘super dongle’.

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A couple of testers (team) have reported some positive results with a new dongle.

A couple more checks and then I can sign off on some improvements.

In 2014/2015, we had reports that our IR remote had line of sight issues. We moved to RF and it was highly praised.

IR is certainly not the way forward.

Thanks for your patience.


It doesn’t seem to be a line of sight issue to me, and anyway that would only apply it IR and not RF imho (unless the RF from the Vero is directional). Also I have no external devices whatsoever attached.
Last night it happened again while browsing a list in a Video add-on. It lasted for about 10-15 seconds and whatever I tried for line of sight did not help, then suddenly it started reacting again.

That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that IR in limited to line of sight. RF is not.