Vero V Remote STILL Missing Button Presses

Earlier, I complained that my Vero V was ignoring remote inputs some of the time. Others confirmed that problem, and a dongle was issued to correct the fault. I received said dongle, but it has not resulted in the Vero V becoming any more responsive to the remote.

I plugged the dongle into an available USB port, and then held down the home/enter keys. Is anything else required to make this function?

Did you read the mitigation guide?

A replacement dongle is not a magic bullet, and very few people are affected and very few people who are affected would benefit from a new dongle. Hopefully I did make this clear.

Would need to know more about your setup to comment.

If you have a USB3 drive and still have a problem then that drive’s cable likely needs to be replaced or isn’t shielded properly.

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If there is a USB 3 device plugged into the blue port and the new dongle is plugged in the black port behind it the extra sensitivity of the new dongle may not by itself be enough to overcome the interference it is seeing from the USB 3 communication. The best course of action I can recommend for this situation is to plug the remotes dongle into a extension cord. An extension long enough to route the dongle to the opposite side of the Vero or at the very least forward of the USB 3 port should be sufficient to get 6-12m range from my testing.


You could also upload some logs to ensure that the new dongle is detected and working as expected.

But another giveaway would be that removing the dongle should stop the remote working entirely. This would indicate it is successfully paired to the new receiver.

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Longer term, I would suggest using a different RF frequency for the remote control (probably 433 MHz) rather than one used now that is close to the clock frequencies exhibited by the USB3 protocol/devices.

I can confirm having the same problem with Vero V and with a remote control (although without control) that does not respond to my commands when a USB device is plugged into the blue USB port.
Is it the case that you solve the challenge by supplementing with an external dongle?

In the spirit of Vero!s science: I’m willing to buy my own dongle as long as you give me the specifications I need when I visit the local store ;-).

Have you tried using a different USB cable?

Yes, have tried several cables. Latest News; two HDMI cables connected to Vero V, and both of these cables are original accessories for Vero 4+ and Vero V.


  • As a conclusion to the test : - tried two different HDMI cables on Vero V, and both of these cables are original accessories for Vero 4+ and Vero V.

HDMI cable won’t make a difference. I am talking about USB cables

No, haven!t tried different USB cables. How many, and what types should I buy?

Have you read the mitigation guide? It should cover everything.

The issue has been fixed in hardware with new orders for some time now. If you still experience a problem it could be the hardware you are using itself or your environment.

We can certainly ship you a replacement dongle regardless, but I am trying to ascertain whether it will actually improve things for you

Many thanks


I would appreciate your response to my questions before rushing on.
What type of quality USB cables should I buy and test to prevent RF interference between the remote control and the active USB 3 port?
You should realize that the problem is not a general household problem worldwide. but rather a problem with the design of the Vero V.
And…what is the mitigation guide?

All of this is covered here: Improving remote performance - Vero V - OSMC

I think once you read it will become clear and it will answer all of your questions. If you have any further questions, do let me know.

It is not a design problem with Vero V per se. Other devices that implement USB-3 are also affected because of the nature of how USB-3 works.

We have made improvements to our remote going forward however, but not every scenario will be improved. If you have a poorly shielded cable, it can and will leak spectrum that can cause interference.

Where and how you place the drive or even using a small extension cable can make a difference.

I will read the mitigation guide!
But, I still have a question. You say the following: “The issue has been fixed in hardware with new orders for some time now”.
Can you elaborate on what you mean by this?
Is it an admission of Vero V improvement around the issue outlined here, or just a general phrase with no meaning?

We made the remote dongle less susceptible to USB interference in some scenarios. There’s been a very large discussion about this on this forum and we’ve kept the whole conversation open and transparent, working closely with users to improve the experience. The guide and dongle update are a product of hundreds of hours of investigation.

The average user (99%) hasn’t reported or experienced a problem.
But where there is a chance to improve things, we always do :slight_smile:

You are saying “We made the remote dongle less susceptible to USB interference in some scenarios”.
I never received a dongle in my delivery of the Vero V.
If you have a dongle that has been modified against a known RF problem for the Vero V, and which we discuss here, I will deal with it as soon as possible.
So damn difficult it can be :wink:

Would you mind sharing your order number?

There is a dongle integrated in to the device that receives the RF signals.

For those that experienced a problem, we shipped a new remote dongle free of charge. This can be attached to a port on the side of the unit.

For some time, units receive a device with a dongle with improved tolerance to USB-3 interference integrated in to the device.

Here is an example of Raspberry Pi users affected: OSMC Remote and LibreElec.

It’s not a Vero specific problem. But we did learn how to fix a lot of problems with interference.

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is it ok to share my ordernr to the world…like here?

You can send it to me via private message.

I have contacted you via PM

There’s nothing anyone can do with your order # however.
They are consecutive, not randomised but details are always checked before proceeding.

Okay, it’s bedtime here too.
What I finally want to say is that I have been a long-term user of the Vero box, and with version V I have received an excellent improvement in the quality of playback of my own films and not least the response when it comes to heavier processes such as IPTV.
However, I strongly dislike a manufacturer of products I buy that twists me away from the final facts of the product.
You are not quite there, but have hints of going in that direction.
Anyway, thanks for a good dialogue!
My order number is #48638