Vero4k+ announcement

Do you have a forum post or support ticket regarding these issues?

Please open one and I am confident we will get you up and running. We can’t fix problems that we aren’t aware of.



Thank you Sam, your support is truly a reason I purchased the 4K. I have experienced issues which others have posted and I have followed the threads in hopes of getting my 4K to playback properly. None of the updates have helped. I have not attempted any “fixes” or updates, since I put away the device with the June (?) update.
The only use I have for the device is ripped dvd/blu-ray playback in .iso format, hence I am not installing any items from unapproved repositories etc. The support and praise the 4K has are the main reasons for my purchase. When my Wife tells me she can’t view movies due to stuttering playback or poor/no audio, then unhappy wife equates to unhappy life.
The only “fix” I have not attempted is a factory reset of the 4K, and to start from the beginning.

Please start a separate forum post and we will surely get this sorted for you.


I’m not aware of any devices in my home cinema that really turn off with a power button. They simply go in to a low power state and can be woken up again with a remote.

Vero 4K and Vero 4K + can already do this. If you want a physical button to control power, you can map it on your remote (be it the official remote; CEC or your own remote, i.e. Harmony). [/quote]

Which would be fine, except it doesn’t by default, which is all that matters. The device requires me to navigate menus to put into stand-by, and will refuse any use after an unclean shutdown.

We fsck the internal storage, but not external.
If the user wants to fsck the external storage, you can just add an fstab entry and it will be checked every time.

Again - to the average user this is functionally equivalent to saying the device is useless after an unclean shutdown. It requires an unreasonable amount of babysitting to keep this thing running smoothly.

I get that this might be a development platform or a device aimed at “power users”, so I’ve accepted my mistake of having made insufficient research before purchase. But I really hoped new hardware would provide substantial user experience improvements, and not just fluff.

You can map a remote button to shut the device down. I actually disabled this by default because users were accidentally powering down their devices. See

I don’t believe any vendor would tell you that yanking the power to a hard disk is a good idea.
If they did - they’d be doing you a disservice.

With that said, if you use anything but NTFS, you’ll be fine.
You shouldn’t do it, but it will work and only occasionally you would you be unlucky.

I’m happy to take a call to discuss and address any issues you might be experiencing if you’re up for that.



No – good filesystems (i.e. ext4) will tell us when they need a fsck and we will respect that accordingly.

NTFS just sucks. It’s not that bad, but if you keep pulling the power on an NTFS disk, it will bite you. We can’t fix that in hardware and no other vendor could either. If you are reading from the disk only, then mounting it as RO may help you.

That’s just elitist and unhelpful. NTFS has been around and putting in solid work since 1993, and NTFS-3G has been stable and fully featured since 2006. Pulling the power on any spinning media is a bad idea, yes, but again; all my other devices (see: several generations of WDTVs) have had no issues working with NTFS under these conditions.

The NTFS discussion is neither here nor there though - as @grahamh pointed out above - the incessant refusal to mount and spin up the drive might be a 'caused by power starvation more than the filesystem being uncleanly dismounted. I’m currently running the drive off a powered USB hub to see if the problem persists or not.

I feel like we’re confusing terminology and use case here. Being able to power down is good, but even if I were willing to put time into re-configuring the system to sleep from the controller, I still can’t power it back up. It’s been said many times in this forum that no wake-on-lan or wake-on-remote is possible, so the device is inherently and purposefully crippled in this regard - it’s intentionally designed to be “always on” which is where it (and the Vero4k+) looses me.

Thanks for taking the time to help out though - I’ve only had the device for five months and these forums have been great for support and insights!

Wake on Remote has been possible since January or so. You can wake the device using CEC, IR, a keyboard or the official RF remote when you select suspend.

Sounds promising! Are there any docs somewhere for me to look at to set this up?

There shouldn’t be anything that needs setting up.

If you select Suspend from the Power menu, then the device’s LED turns red. You can wake it with a button press.

If you want a dedicated button to do this, then you can map a key to Suspend: Using Keymap Editor is probably the easiest way to do this (available as an add-on in the Kodi repository).


I have ordered Vero 4k on June 21st (Order #18499) as a replacement for Intel NUC.
The device is actually really great, a bit slower than NUC (someone who didn’t own NUC before would not even notice).
What bothers me is that LAN is no fully 1Gb and I can’t play UHD from Synology SMB without stutering and delays (which is no problem for NUC),
As I see, there is a free upgrade for buyers, which ordered after June 20th (which I am) and the Vero 4k+ has 1Gb LAN which, I believe, would solve my problems nicely.

How do I apply for a free upgrade?
Should I do anything, or this is automatic process?

Thank you very much and cheers

p.s. Could you add into settings for Vero 4k the possibility to turn off blue light (LED)?


If your device has shipped, then it is not upgraded. Only devices that have not shipped are upgraded. We have received lots of requests to upgrade devices, but unfortunately this is not feasible.

This is a limitation of the Vero 4K unfortunately. In the new model the blue LED is removed.

We recommend using fstab instead of OS based mounts. This will allow you to play content from your Synology with improved performance. If you are able to use NFS mounts, we also recommend this over SMB.


On the announcement is stated

We took a break from shipping orders in the middle of June. Customers who ordered Vero 4K after 20th June will receive a free upgrade to the Vero 4K +.

I have ordered it on 21st June… so its after 21st June… it would be disappointing not to get upgrade.

I can check your order, but did you order very early in the morning on the 21st? I may have got the date slightly wrong.

Customers will get an upgraded device if they haven’t received a shipping notification or their order says ‘Processing’ in their account. If they’ve received a unit, then this is after the cut off point and is not eligible for an upgrade.

The upgrade is offered for those that didn’t receive their device as we took a break from shipping orders.



Middle of the day by UK time and 2PM my timezone.

We shipped your order to Slovenia which was placed at 6:57AM at 9:15AM (BST). It would have been in the last batch. Unfortunately we have to draw the line for upgrades somewhere.

Thanks for your understanding


OMG, so I have missed it for “minutes”.
Sam, I have bought the old batch for £109, when a few “minutes” later I obviously could buy a newer device for £10 less.
I really do not understand the “draw the line for upgrades somewhere” in that case, wouldn’t you agree and could you imagine how I fell now?

I understand your frustration but I am not sure what we can do. At some point, we do have to introduce a new product. We took a month’s break from shipping to reduce the amount of disappointment. If we start to allow customers who have received a device to receive a second, and new model, then we’d be out of business pretty quickly.

We offered a discount on the device because there would have been a significant wait for the new product. I can refund £10 to your account to match the launch price of the Vero 4K +, but we wouldn’t be able to upgrade your order post-shipment.



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I do understand that.
But the announcement says “after June 20th”.
My order was placed on June 21st and it doesn’t matter if early in the morning or late at night. it still is 1 calendar day after.
So your announcement is somehow wrong and I fell like being robed now.
If announcement would say after June 21st, I would understand that I am asking something “out of focus”… but I am asking for something you have announced.
Please, sleep it over, talk to you colleagues and reconsider this request.

Thank you and cheers

You bought a device.
We shipped the device. Your device works and you are using it regularly.

How did we rob you?

Sorry, the date was around 20th June. The key point is that unfulfilled orders are to be upgraded.

If your order had not shipped, it would be upgraded. I hope this is clearer. We are not in a position to take back devices however.

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