Vertical Shift


Hi Sam,

for 21:9 setups the Shift Option would be awesome! Any news on this?

Many thanks & BR


Hi Peter

This would need to be done in hardware.
Unfortunately we don’t have a solution for it at this time



Thanks for reply, Sam!


I’m used to connect my Vero 4k to an old Hannspree 28" TV, 16:10, 1920x1200 and there is no option to change resolution from 1920x1080 that’s then causing an improper mapping of the screen.
It seems that Vero 4K can not detect 1920x1200 res.
Is there any plan to add this resolution in next updates of OSMC?


Hi – yes there are plans to add more support for resolutions. We tried to get it to work a little while ago but it had some problems. We will revisit it soon.



Hello Sam,
any updates on this feature?


Not at this time



Hi Sam,

Would this ever be implemented? It is very important for me and my setup!

Thanks & BR


Presently it can only be used when hardware acceleration is not used. I don’t know if it can be used with amcodec unfortunately.


I want to add to this request. Even with 1080p the SW decoder only works for H.264. As I switched to encoding also 1080p movies with HEVC this vertical shift option with HW support is becoming more and more important!

Side remark: the new dune neo players can do this and they use the same AMLogic processor. So the HW should be good enough to implement this feature.



maybe any news on this feature?

Thanks & BR


It’s not possible still but I will look in to if we can do some scaling for this


Hi Sam,

many thanks, this would be awesome!

BR Peter


I would love to have this feature too!


Hi Sam,

any newson this?



No — I don’t have any news on this I’m afraid.



Hi Sam,

it is not possible in any way?

BR Peter


I think it’s only possible in software at this time.



I currently found a workaround!

Disable HW accerleration
Start movie
Adjust “Vertical shift”
Stop movie
Enable HW acceleration
Start movie

-> Vertical Shift is still applied and HW acceleration works too !!

I do not know why but it works :wink:

Vero 4K: Vertical Shift?

That’s very interesting. We will check that.
If this is indeed correct; we can resolve this for you pretty easily.

Thanks for the report.