Weather shifted by a day

For some while I have experienced a discrepency between the OSMC home screen weather summary and the weather detail page itself. The weather is shifted by a day between the two. Is this being experienced by others?

Following my previous notification of this problem where the weather icons are shifted by a day between the weather view on the main menu 6 day view and the full screen 6 day view. I posted the question on the Kodi forum and received a response that the problem most probably lies with the default OSMC skin. Please could someone check this out as the problem has persisted for as long as I have used OSMC and on a number of different raspberry pi’s hosting OSMC. The latest issue of OSMC is still affected by this issue - see the following screen images!

Does this happen on all skins or just the OSMC one?

As the OSMC skin is the only one I have found that shows Weather on the home screen, yes. I posted the same question on the Kodi forum recently and they suggested it was a skin problem. I have several pi’s running the default OSMC skin and it is the same on all of them. It’s also independent of any of the weather services selected, they all give the same shift. Have had this problem across many version updates of OSMC so it is not a recently generated bug. It is also independent of any weather icon sets selected.

Have been installing other skins. The Gismeteo skin shows weather on the home screen and a full screen view in a similar way to the OSMC skin. The Gismeteo skin shows the weather correctly in both views

Yeah seems that actually in the Widget the weather icon is shifted by one day while the temperature is correctly transformed. While interisting is that the Wdiget also show “Now” and “The Currrent Day” which are not on the weather screen it self. Maybe @grahamh can have a look when he finds time.

It’s on the list.

Please let me know if I can help further!


This should be addressed with the fix and rework of the weather section in our next OSMC skin update:

I’d appreciate, if you could have a look and give some feedback! :slightly_smiling_face: