Web browser addon?


It’s possible to have a web browser on the RPI 2 ?

Thx !

Soon, but not yet


OK, Thanks Sam !

Any update on this. Thanks!

Where is it ? I see nothing in the programs.

Read the release notes.

OK, in September normally.

Thx !

Well, there is the web viewer kodi add on. But don’t expect a full web browser. Mostly, just a very limited browser.(no add ons or plug ins, etc.)
For a real web browser, OSMC team says later.

Any progress with web browser in OSMC?
I didn’t find any addon in there…
Thanks for info.

Same question here. It was announced for the last release candidate, then it was said to be expected in September (2015), so it would ne nice to have some kind of roadmap. Obviously, the most important issue about it would be whether it will allow to play Netflix etc …



It was never announced for the last Release Candidate.

It’s parked indefinitely until I find time to work on it. Info re Netflix etc can be found by searching



thanks for the clarification. I am sorry for having misinterpreted this post to mean that the release of ocelot was imminent.

In any case, this will be a great feature, seeing that there are dedicated streaming subscriptions for certain kinds of sports and there is netflix and amazon prime, for which a browser would be a unifying way of acessing them. Everywhere else, it seems more or less a pain in the %*! to get everything under one (ARM) roof, where kodi is an absolute essential.

And, before i forget, thanks for the excellent work on OSMC.



The Pi3 is out and offers significant improvement for browsing performance. even via Xorg; I feel it’s appropreate to re-ask the question: Can we have some form of browser support now? even if it’s just a nested xorg, or a script that hides and loads a crude xorg with chromium/ff in kiosk mode.

The Pi’s performance has never been a limiting factor. Time has

That would never be officially introduced in to OSMC, but if you want to, you could always whip that up. I’m sure you would get a fair few using it. We need to approach it a bit differently though.


I’d certainly try, if i knew how… I managed to do this using a custom script with the infamous Retropie emulation station, startx & followed by the browser command, but you get stuck in an xorg and no way to exit back to emu’station, SDL, or an xorg that allows GPU acceleration would be better for the older Pis, but this as i understand it (and for a beginner in programming like me) is a huge amount of work, that or Wayland if they finished porting it…

EDIT: Weston looks promising.

Another problem is current streaming services are now deploying stupid DRM, and use poor video players that require flash or (ugh) Silverlight. While there are ways to get this to work under Linux (And i have managed to get a version of flash player to work in chromium on a pi) it means all current streaming services for Kodi are very broken, I’ve experienced this first hand, even the Youtube plugin is broken on the new release, Netflix is impossible though kodi, as now is amazon prime. a working browser with GPU acceleration is the only robust way to tackle this issue.

Something based on (Firefox) Iceweasel would be excellent if only something can be done about speed, Otherwise even dillo would be better then the pathetic browser that seems to be the only choice for KODI now.

the current ‘browser’ plugin is nothing more than a text and link scraper, which sadly isn’t very useful if you want to watch a video. i’m trying to think of possible angles to do this, i will have to download the current chrome launcher and dismantle it to see what exactly it does and if i can modify it to be a bit more Pi/OSMC specific.

Is there any news about this? I would like to show a website as a screensaver on my Vero.

The website would be a company website, which would change periodically through javascript (angularjs),
so it could be a nice “marketing” display in a conference room.

I have also found this thread: Internet Browser - #12 by Gmoney

Greetings Team,

Will internet browsing incorporated in the new OSMC build 17? Look forward if we can have this function in OSMC.