Weird log link

Me again.
When asking for a log I got this:



I think it happenned after having installed Add-on:Backup this very morning.

Restoring the previous image and it’s working. I can have the log file uploaded now.

But, I remember there was a scheduler for backup accessible thru MyOSMC… but I can’t find now it.
Is it gone?

That happens when the log exceeds the allowed size limit.

For the scheduler I don’t know, better wait for someone else to answer.

A bug?

Not the whole system… just the settings, the database, the library, extensions etc.
That feature has disappeared…

In a way yes, the script that is used to upload the logs doesn’t understand that the server returned an error because it received a huge log file, it’ll be corrected when the pastebin and the my osmc addon will be updated in the future.

You don’t see the backup option in the update section of my osmc addon?

I don’t see the scheduler. It has disappeared since a year and thought my backups were running every thursday at 6.00 am as programmed. Until yesterday…

I don’t remember that option, something that goes near what you’re talking about is the scheduled check for updates paired with the option to automatically backup the system before updating.


I may be wrong.
Forget it.

If I don’t point you to this, the other mods are going to wonder why not:

Overkill if you only want the .kodi directory. But if you know some bash, you can back up as little or as much as you like. The restore script assumes you have backed up the whole system and wipes the SD card before writing to it.


Truth is we like to see you introducing your creature to new users. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks a lot.

Yeah i requested this feature, but atm it isn’t implemented.

Backups are only done if there is an update. No update, no backup.

I really would appreciate it if backups can be sheduled, even without an update.

Just a function to backup every day at a specific time.