What are you looking forward to in Kodi 18?


helps with those of us who have projectors and need an inbetween amount of zoom to get it bang on.


2:40:1masking or a 21:9 osmc skin/button for older projectors with a fixed homemade screen. Like scopenox I am using for my JVC hd750. Thanks.


Proper management of BD ISO (HD, 4K) including menus for backup discs without DRM management.


My settings stick OK. Always have, they are saved by resolution.


Cool, mine aren’t it might be the Amber skin I’m using.


If you want them to persist for now, go to Power -> Exit instead of reboot. They should then persist. Granted – this is a bit of a hack for now.


I’m looking forward to being able to mix pictures and short videos in my slideshows. At the moment the videos just show as a black screen, although the audio comes through fine. I understand this is fixed in Kodi 18.