What enclosure for raspberry mediacenter?

The main goal of OSMC is to build a Media Center for Raspberry with KODI. One big issue I see is that there are tons of enclosure for raspberry but very few that include possibility for HDD.
Now from my perspective it’s impossible to imagine a good media center without a good HDD. Base a default media center experience only on streaming it’s not a good thing.
90% of enclosures on web do not take in consideration HDD. I only know Plusberry and wi pi drive. For the first I need 60$ the second is not shipped in Italy. There is another on Adafruit very ugly. Why no one take in consideration to build a case for under 10$?
If someone like me built its own media center the next step is to remove all the clutter in living room and have a single beautiful box.

Moved to general as OSMC has little bearing on the production/availability of peripheral hardware for raspberry pi.

I use a plusberry Pi, works nicely for me. Before this I had my Pi, USB hub and hard drive all stacked together but it wasn’t pretty

There are some nice suggestions here:

Hi All,
thanks for reply. Most of case published are not for RPI+HDD.
I think the only option today is Plusberry. The only valid alternative is WD PI Drive but the limitation in shipping (only UK) make it impossible to use.
The only problem with Plusberry is cost but it ships with a 3A power supply that probably allow to attach several devices.

see mine here: Netgear EVA8000 used housing

Or build your own like I did. You can plan for everything you want and make it fit into your livingroom.

Thanks Laser_Man, but it is too big.
mcobit, I would like to do that but I do not know how. I do not have 3d printer. How did you built it?

Hi, I think I will buy plusberry too. My understanding is that the only way to get it is through Indiegogo here

I am going to buy 65$ perk. Do you know if IRC is included in it or do I have to buy it separately?

I have posted a description of one of my builds in the linked thread.
It’s mdf wood.


The only things you get with the PlusberryPi are the case itself (which includes IR sensor (I think), USB hub and ability to install 2.5" hard drive) and a power supply, nothing else is supplied.

You might take a look at High-Performance SSDs, HDDs, USB Drives, & Memory Cards | Western Digital , this is a beautiful enclosure together with a hard disk, it might take some time for delivery because they are very populair.
And they ship to Italy.

Yes I know it. I talked about it in my original question. Currently it is out of stock. However, it is only shipped in UK (not in Italy where I live).

I Think Plusberry it’s my only option.

Just find out lot of complain about Plusberry:

it seems campaigner had lot of issues in shipping the product. People have been waiting for months.
In the meanwhile I also found out that WD PiDrive enclosure is now shipped in lot of countries included Italy (this was not true few weeks ago):

but at the moment the product is out of stock.

So at this point the only option I have is to wait for WD Pi Drive Enclosure.
I think the thread can be closed.

I don’t like the idea of the pi handling the media storage side aswell. limited on space etc. my suggestion is to get a nas device. or as we have at home. a HP microserver (n40l) can slot in 5 hard drives. got Ubuntu server installed on a USB drive inside the sercer. upgrading drives is a breeze. it also doubles as my home server for downloading and all. osmc pi connects to samba shares and mysql

If you can wait a while, take a look at theC4Labs on etsy.

They emailed me a week ago to say they have just started working on cases that will hold a pi and a 2.5 inch external hard drive.
I asked about getting a larger bambook for my media server but apparently the larger zebra case will be available first.

If they do a design you like, drop them an email, the more interested customers the better!

ok thanks

Just to update you that WD Pi Drive enclosure is back in stock again.
I was able to buy it and I am waiting for it.
I discarded Plusberry since it seems authors do not answers their pledgers (see comments section on Indiegogo).

Let me say that for me Indiegogo and KickStarter is not like a store where you buy things.
You go on these sites to support an idea and you know there are risks.

On the other hand I think when campaigner completed the production and are in shipping phase they should provide as much support possible. They opened a ticket system but several users complains about silence.

For these reason I decided to go on WD Pi Drive enclosure.

Hi All,

I am back again. I tried Wi PI Drive and here my bad experience:

Until few days ago I was convinced that PlusBerry is the only option. But I have seen in OSMC store this case:

and it would be perfect for me. The only problem is that I already have an HD. Is it possible buy it without HD? If so, which is the cost and how I can buy it?

Are connector included in the case?

Is there any other photo of the case? I do not want surprise like the one I had when WI PI Drive arrived to my home (for example, it was open on the top).

I have a doubt. It seems that Raspberry USB connector are inside the case so they seems not accessible when the enclosure is closed. Is my understanding correct? If so, basically this case does not allow to attach devices to Raspberry. I think I am missing something hoping someone in this forum can clarify.