Confluence Skin settings not persistent

I really like Confluence. I was using Aeon Nox and since it’s not clear it supports (or will anytime soon) sub-channel listings in TV/Guide and TV/Channels (i.e. 4.1, 4.2, etc.) Confluence was next best substitute.

I came across a couple of postings wrt Confluence and it’s apparent inability to save any changed settings. Any progress on this?

I am having the same problems. I’ve seen it show up at reboots and some upgrades (for OSMC/Kodi). I’ve also checked the system out the next day and the settings seemed to be back to defaults (and there was no update or reboot…that I know of).

I assume there is a settings file somewhere that, for the time being, I could edit/save directly to make my changes persistent (or, maybe not :frowning: If so, where would it be?

Appreciate any help/suggestions offered.

Thx and cheers…

Please search the forum before opening another thread about a long known problem. Why not ask in one of the other threads?

What are you…the “hall monitor” :frowning:

The 1 thread that seemed to even be close to addressing this issue (can’t seem to find it again) was primarily someone ranting and raving about how they weren’t going to use Confluence anymore. Didn’t want my posting to get lost in that thread.

I try to be mindful to not create more clutter in the forums I utilize, but sometimes I find it better to start a new, “clean” thread to increase the odds of getting a more targeted (and helpful) response. Isn’t that what these forums are supposed to be all about?

Thx for your suggestion, tho…

There might be more. Was just the first page of my search results.

As we know by now those all relate to the same problem. It is being worked on and will hopefully be resolved in the next update.

And btw. Yes, we mods are kind of the “hall monitors” :wink:

Didn’t mean to sound rude.

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a sticky post with a list of know issues may be of some help

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The team’s time would be better spent solving problems than keeping a up with a small, sometimes empty, list such as this. Often, it takes more time to confirm that an issue is actually a bug than it does to resolve it. We don’t have the manpower to keep up with such a list…

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Fair enuf. Didn’t mean to sound “snarky” to your non-rudeness :slight_smile: Friends?

I appreciate your effort in finding “related” threads. I had seen a few of the ones you point out. However, I have used Aeon Nox and OSMC both before and after the recent Kodi upgrade and never had problems with settings resetting in either of those skins.

I could be wrong (since I’m not 1 of the coders) but it seemed my issues were related specifically to Confluence. Maybe I’ve been lucky enuf not to see the problem in the other skins.

And while I’m aware my situation is not an isolated one, my posting was in the hopes that someone somewhere might have found a temporary workaround (like directly editing the Confluence Settings files…still hoping, in fact).


Based on what I’ve seen, this is an issue that more than a few people seem to have encountered. I very much appreciate the time people have spent on creating/maintaining the s/w. However, if you take such a dismissive attitude towards this, then maybe I better understand the guy (I assume it’s a he) who is so irate and ready to walk away from OSMC :frowning:

Thx and cheers…

It’s a bug. I’m on it.

Stay tuned.


You’ve been kind enuf to help me out in the past. Appreciate all your effort on this!!

So, you do know it’s a bug. Do you know if it’s in OSMC or something to do with the skin (for me, Confluence)? And, do you know enuf yet to suggest a temporary workaround?

Thx and cheers…

quiting and not rebooting seems to help even if sometimes the problem will appear again.

Fwiw, having same issue on AppleTV distro 2016-12-1 (last Jarvis release I believe). Updates turned off as afaik Krypton has broken CHD support. I know this is the RaspberryPi thread but has the most recent post regarding skin settings issues.


The issue shouldn’t affect Jarvis versions of OSMC.


Okay, thanks Sam. Thats why I thought I’d ask. Seemed like a long shot but wanted to rule it out. Back under my rock now :wink: