Skin regularly reverts to OSMC standard skin after reboots by itself since last update on my Vero... :-(

Hi there,

since the last update I unfortunately have to reboot my Vero every single time I switch on my TV, as it loses CEC connectivity while my TV is off (this used to work a lot better in the previous version). I do this with the standard white Vero remote (which I’m not using for anything else, as my couch is about 4m away from my TV and IR-signals from the remote barely make it to the Vero at this distance) and the regular “reboot” option in the Kodi interface.

While I regain CEC after the reboot, the Skin (I’m using Amber) now began to regularly revert to the OSMC standard skin by itself since the last update. This doesn’t happen on every single reboot, but often enough that I start to hate using my Vero.

Every time this happens, this line can be found in the kodi.log (everything else looks normal):

ERROR: CSettings: unable to load settings from special://masterprofile/guisettings.xml, creating new default settings

I’m currently using OSMC Version 2015.07-1 and Kodi Version 15.1-RC1

Is it possible to downgrade OSMC via the GUI? I would love to go back to a stable version.

Turn on debugging and try and cause the problem again. Then send through the logs.

This sounds like a corrupt guisettings.xml.


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This has happened to me 4 times till now.
Everytime the guisettings.xml gets reseted to defaults.

Quite hard to reproduce since i have to have debug always on until this happens.

Is there anyway to protect somehow the guisettings.xml file? Maybe something to do with profiles? (i do not use them anyway)

This may be a OSMC bug, it happened once to me.
My OSMC install (Rpi 2) never had this issue before last update.

i could try setting up a system and leave debug on always and hope for this to occur.

Till then i keep a backup of my guisettings.xml for my main installations, but that is something i am doing either way for many files.

Unfortunatelly till now this has happened once during playback of media (kodi crash), once while navigating in movies library, once while listening to music and once i just found it like that when i opened my tv.
Really no easy way to replicate this.

I assume people seeing this issue are shutting down correctly by choosing shutdown or restart and not just pulling the plug ?

When choosing shutdown/restart does the Kodi screen disappear quickly or is it taking 20 seconds ?

Always shutting down correctly… both happened to me (disappearing quickly, and taking 20 secs)… I have debug on now, but it didn’t happen again yet btw…

when shutting down takes 20 sec more or less and i see on screen services in text shutting down (with green text showing that they indeed shutoff.) Like i had console open.

But the thing is that i do not usually shut down. It is an always on machine. I only shutdown my test machine that i try changes the developer of the skin i use makes.

Maybe this thread has something similar to this problem and since the man there has uploaded logs might also help us find the root of the problem?

Also i am not having this problem on Vero so maybe this problem is more wide that this.

Same here. Only since the last update.
My Bello theme load without any menu with an empty warning.
Sometimes it go back to default theme…

I should have a fix for corrupt guisettings soon.

are you on the latest Vero update?


Yes @sam_nazarko Kodi 15.1

Hmm, I can think of a potential issue, but it would only affect Pi, not Vero, so will have to do some investigation


ok Thanks. Let me know if you need help for that.

Any news about that ? Thanks

Sorry, I forgot to update you.

This has been fixed:

It will be out in the OSMC August update


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Thanks !!

I still get this error on August version @sam_nazarko

Not sure of the issue then.

Does your Vero have a push-push SD slot?