German Keyboard Layout

Hello Together!

I am new to OSMC and would please need your help =)

I can not set my Bluetooth Logitech Keyboard to German!
In the Settings i already have set all to German & German QWERTZ, but also a Reboot dont fix my Problem.

Can somebody say me please how i can do this?

Thanks & Best Regards



sorry for the late Answer!

I will try this, this weekend!

Thanks for your Answer and help!

Best Regards


Good Morning!

I have excecute this commands, but my Bluetooth Logitech Keyboard is always on English and not German… i also tried “rekonfigure-dpkg…”

Have you some another idea?

Best Regards

You could try this, it worked for me :wink:

Should work better with Kodi v18 which will be out shortly


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