HDR Banding issue

Edit: this is now fixed in the latest software.

Since the February update there is now banding showing for 4K 10bit HDR files, it seems to be OK for 4K 10bit SDR files.

This is with ‘444,10bit’ enabled, checked through AVR osd.

This seems to be related to the now solved HDR flickering that was a problem for many LG users.

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Those of us that had flickering in the earlier build only experienced it at 24hz - i.e. 24p media and Sync Refresh to Playback enabled. At least some (including me) got banding as well, again only at 24hz.

In the new build the flickering is resolved but the banding is present at all refresh rates (or at least 24 and 60).

Out of interest do you have Sync Refresh to Playback enabled? If not, that might explain why the banding is new to you.

Martorias posted a test clip that demonstrates the issue perfectly: HDR Slight flickering (Workaround available) - #211 by Martorias

Sam says he’s on the case, so watch this space (or the osmc github commits :slight_smile: )

I got ‘Adjust display refresh rate’ on ‘On start/stop’ and ‘Sync playback to display’ disabled like I have had always (otherwise no passthrough audio).

I didn’t see a comment from anyone who had no flickering issues before, so thought this would be imported, it seems that everyone is affected now :frowning:
Also didn’t see anything from @sam_nazarko about him knowing of the impact and if he was working to fix it.

Also would love to downgrade until this is fixed as I had no issues before…

You can do so from osmc.tv/download.

Yes – there’s already been some discussion about banding. It hasn’t affected everyone (or we’d have had more responses), but it’s being worked on and I will have some testing available shortly. It does need to be addressed

I rather not do a complete reinstall, don’t have the time to fix everything after that to my liking…

Who are all impacted with this issue btw?
Users with my brand avr or tv only?

Sorry that’s my mistake with the terminology (was going from memory this morning) - you have it set the same as me, so you should be getting 24hz when playing 24fps material, which is where the banding and flickering was seen in the previous build for me.

Not sure it makes any difference, but I’m on an LG OLED B6 and a Denon X3300W receiver.

I do wonder how common it is for people to be playing back 4k HDR material yet which might explain why it’s not generating a lot of noise. Bleeding edge always has the capacity to hurt a bit :grin:

FWIW, haven’t noticed banding on my Visio 4K panel. Using Denon AVR-X3400 to which both the Visio and the Vero4k are connected. 4K UHD Blu-ray rips look equal to my Sony 4k UHD output.

You tried the video @fluffyredlobster linked up in this thread?
For me it is soooo clear, running the same video on my Nvidia Shield just displays a smooth gradient.

No I haven’t yet. I’ll do just that and post my results when I get a chance.

I had the flickering issue in the past. I just tried again and confirms it’s solved with february update. But I still have color banding issue, mostly with blue (sky…). I also notied some pixelisation around moving parts sometimes, I don’t know if it’s related.

I also own an LG OLED B6. Hope it’ll be fixed soon. At the moment quality is better with 1080p SDR source.

Installed the update yesterday… don´t see any banding on my Panasonic TX-65EXW784 so i think the problem isn´t affected to all users, just for information.

I also notied some pixelisation around moving parts sometimes, I don’t know if it’s related.

I see the same, I think it is part of the banding issue i.e. where one colour abruptly switches to another there is some noise. Sometimes it looks a bit like macroblocking.

After February update i’m also having HDR banding issue. Also after watching HDR content my menu colours are are too bright and burned. If it does help i might take some pictures. Using Vero 4K, Marantz SR5010 receiver and Sony Xe85 TV. With January update colour banding seemed fine and after watching HDR content there was no problems with menu colours.

Same here, I have a Samsung 65KS8000 (US naming is KS9000
Samsung KS9000 Review (UN55KS9000, UN65KS9000, UN75KS9000) - RTINGS.com ) and a Denon AVR X3300W and was watching today a 4K HDR movie with my Vero 4K (with February patch) and the movie had a lots of banding which i did not experience before this update though I was watching various 4K HDR movies too.

FYI @sam_nazarko
I also have a Panasonic UHD screen (65DX902) and haven’t experienced flickering or banding on this update or the previous one.
HDMI goes via a Marantz AVR.

Can you double check via amp/tv that you’re actually receiving a 10bit signal?

Can’t get the info from the TV but the video information on the amp is definitely 10 bit in and out.

Ok that’s good (for you! :))
If you’re really bored some time perhaps you could try the vero straight to the TV to see if the TV is doing well or if the amp is doing some magic.

I see banding in the test file but not in any of the movies I have watched. Confirmed hdr passed on to my Visio panel. I’ll do some more testing to ensure 10bit is actually output from the Vero4k and post back.

I also see the same pexilation on bright areas in HDR 24p and 60p materials. I did’nt have this issue with January update and it makes HDR material not watchable