Menu text missing

I’ve upgraded to Krypton and seem to have a possible re-occurrence of an old bug. I use the Mimic skin but changed to OSMC before updating. After the initial problem of sad face loop because I have profiles enabled I’m in and everything is okay. If I change to Mimic though and reboot I lose big blocks of text in Settings and am left with mostly images. If I change skins and then change back again everything is okay or if I change profiles everything is okay. I think this may be related to this bug and here but it just seems to be in Settings now rather than the main screen as well.

If I can get the TV for a while tonight I’ll do some more testing and grab some logs.

Did you address the problem with the Mimic developers?

I haven’t yet. I’ll do some more testing tonight as last time it happened on several skins and was an OSMC bug. At the moment I only have the one additional skin installed but I’ll install some more tonight if I get chance to see if it’s just Mimic or others as well.

Ran into the same issue here as well. Using Titan skin. Logging into another profile is where I am losing the blocks of text, seems to be confined to the settings menu, (and all submenus in settings). If I change back to default skin then back to Titan the text is back. Will try to grab some logs and screens this evening, but in the meantime, thought I would mention that it happens with a different skin.