OSMC's July update lands (a little late) with Kodi 15

There is already a thread discussing this exact issue here:

Please continue the discussion of this issue over there.

it seems to be common in /opt

Actually I had a closer look at Syncthing and simply followed the official downloadpage to install Syncthing by adding the repository to apt-get:

apt-get install syncthing will install it to the /usr/local folder, where all other applications are also installed, perfect!
And after first run, the syncthing config file is available via /home/osmc/.config/syncthing which is also exactly where it should be (just like the transmission app).

I believe creating an OSMC app for Syncthing should be supereasy. But it should be up to date without the need of a human manually updating the OSMC app. I can’t find any info on how to create it otherwise I might try it myself. I suppose it is either a github fork or a script that follows the same guide that I did.

Hello sam, thank you, i have update to new osmc and kodi 15 but on original kodi skin setting is missing on screen, how do i get other setting like unable addon or choice of other skin without that/ please help.

This was answered in your other thread