Pi2 to Pi3 Upgrade


I just received my Pi3. I have a Pi2 as my TV recorder and Media Centre so what is the best way to replace the Pi2 with the Pi3?

Are there any tools that can help or can I just take the SD card and put it in the Pi3?

Thank you very much for any help


Perform a full update via My OSMC then you can swap the cards.


Hi Sam

Thank you very much for the swift answer


Hi Sam

Update done and SD card swapped and the Pi3 came up like a treat. The only thing I had to set up again was the fixed IP address I had.

Thank you so much for making such a great product and making this a smooth update.


Wow! That’s just the thread I’m looking for!
Just a question: how can be possible to just swap the SD card from Pi 2 to Pi3 if the hardware of the Pi3 if different?

Because they are not totally different and also because SAM already put the respective modules/driver into the build. Therefore you need to first update to the latest build on the RPi2.
Also this will run the same kernel/programms as they will run in 32 bit on the new CPU.

So… swapping the SD card and installing from scratch on the new Pi 3 will be exactly the same?


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I have a little OT question about Pi2 -> Pi3 upgrade… for my Pi2 i have a case buyed whit Pi2. Apparently this case it’s for a Pi1 but it’s perfectly compatible also for Pi2 (only a little modification near slot of sd… i need to scratch little for perfectly put inside my sd) and the question it’s.

If i buy only the Pi3 and the newest AC Adaptator (because Pi3 need a most 2.5A i thinks) i can use the same case or it’s better to buy directly a newest kit for about 70€ (like when i buy my currect kit) ?

Most cases that fit Pi2 are fine on Pi3.
There are a few differences that could cause a problem:
The Pi3 led has moved, so may not be visible with a Pi2 case (not normally a big issue)
sdcard socket is now friction fit rather than push-push on Pi2. May be trickier to remove if socket in case is small (not normally a big issue)
Pi3 has wifi/BT. A metallic case may interfere with wireless.

Lol… my case has not led hole :slight_smile: It’s a blank plastic case… about sd how i can see the differences betwork two board exactly and possibly zoomed ?

About the power AC…yesterday i have tryed to found one in a store:
I have found some AC Adaptor reported working as charger for tablet and smartphone whit maximum at 2.4A but i thinks i need 2.5A… i thinks the better it’s buy all over internet.

About the SD Card… i have at today the Noobs 8GB SD Card stock… all SD card in commerce working whit OSMC ? I have see some 16GB Kingstone at class 10 at loss of 10€…

The OSMC store offers a proper power supply, not a charger (which typically aren’t sufficient for a host of reasons) that is guaranteed. Raspberry Pi Power Supply 2.5A - OSMC

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An official NOOBS card will work fine with OSMC.

There were some issues with Kingston cards in the past, but I believe this is now resolved. However, there seems to be a great difference in the level of performance of one Kingston card compared to another. It is recommended to avoid private sellers on Amazon etc.

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Very interesting… Today however, my brother gave me his sd 128gb because he says this is not working on her canon photocamera (apparently it’s formatted correctly but when shot a photo nothings it’s can be saved on this sd) but on PC apparently there’s be usable whitout any problems.

I don’t know what brand it’s it… i thinks it’s a chinese sd card :slight_smile:

I have tryed to FORMAT in FAT32 in windows 10 but i can’t… i can only format it as ExFAT.
I have tryed now to use the windows osmc installer and apparently all working correctly (i obtain the message “you are ready for showtime” and the big QUIT button".

Now it’s only time to remove my actual noobs sd and test if this work this newest installation… if yes in this SD i thinks i can try to use RetrOSMC because 128GB it’s a good size for many many roms :slight_smile:

If i have some problems about this SD i open a news thread in section… thanks in advance for anythigs help…

Exactly what I’m looking for. I swiped cards and it worked, but looking at system info, I saw on the Pi3 a 900MHz frequency so I guess my osmc from rpi2 doesn’t see the new processor with higher frequency…

Looking at config.txt and cmdline.txt, I saw this:



Can I change the arm_freq and others parameters to use plenty of the rpi3?!

root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootfstype=ext4 rootwait quiet osmcdev=rbp2

Do I have to change osmcdev=rbp2 to osmcdev=rbp3 ?


No you do not. Pi 2 and Pi 3 are considered the same devices from the context of the App Store.

Just comment out all the lines for clock speeds in your config.txt or use MyOSMC to set overclock back to normal. Either method will leave you with Pi3 running default clock speeds.

Strange, so better use a rpi2 for osmc despite you want to get bluetooth and wifi embedded.

thx! Want to use the 1.2GHz :wink: