Profile problem with 2015.09 - 2

grab-logs -A

So I set skin to confluence? I reboot? I get sad smiley face. I try to ssh in and then grab-logs -A? BUT I may not be able to because my Pi is in sad face reboot mood?

I may come across as an enemy here, but I am not. I cannot believe that if this is a problem with Kodi that out of there massive user-base that there are no reported issued with this. I have found an issue, seems to be with osmc and profiles. I may well be wrong. It could be in Kodi but something tells me it is not. We could fight until dawn for the next few years if you would like, but that for me would be pointless. You have already told me that you don’t use profiles so why are you guiding me on that? I can upload as many logs as you would like, but they will ALL be before my Pi dies and is unable to communicate with, at which point surely logs are invalidate? How about we reach a compromise? You set up a different profile on your test Pi and switch to Confluence and then see what is going on? :smile:

You asked I gave.This gives everything away. My DB passwords etc? Why would you ask that from me? But hey done it now. Not good osmc peeps. Feeling vulnerable. And not very loved by you at the moment. You asked for logs. Here they are:

Thanks in advance

I realise now you want debug logs. Ohhh another day…

Hmmm… This clearly appears to be a Kodi problem.

Here’s the same problem demonstrated on several skins which indicates that Aeon Nox is not the only skin that suffers…

I noticed this same problem while setting up a new install with profiles. I did find a workaround while I was setting everything up for MySQL and getting my plugins installed. If you experience the missing items, scroll over to settings and change the skin. I noticed that while the confluence skin was being used, the settings menu said I was using OSMC. By changing the skin to OSMC then back to confluence, I would get menu text back.

After I finished up I was preparing to get logs and post in the forums. However after enabling debug and rebooting, the problem went away. I can confirm the problem does exists and would be happy to post logs if it ever reappears.

Firstly I apologise for my very grumpiness.

Switching to the confluence skin has indeed hosed my osmc install as 4 times before. I have no work-around as all I get now is sad face on boot.

So I will have to re-install osmc again.

Thank you for finding out that this is a Kodi problem not an osmc one.

How do I go about getting the kodi peeps to sort this as pretty much every time I post on kodi forum I get lost in a swarm of voices?!

Peace and love to all

and cheers!

Hi ActionA. The thread you refer to seems to be Very old and talks about Gotham? I had profiles running fine with osmc and confluence before this latest upgrade so Gotham seems to be old news? And not relevant? This is with Isengard from what presumably was Gotham on my Pi upgrade. But I had NO problem with osmc and confluence and profiles before this upgrade?

I posted a while ago about the same problem here. It seems to happen on numerous skins. I think it’s an OSMC issue though as I have exactly the same setup on a Pi, Windows 10 and an Android tablet and it only happens on Pi. Have tried several fresh installs and is only when the login screen is enabled. It’s fixable by changing font in Skin Settings. It shows as blank. Change it to anything and then if you want change it back to default.

Thanks Yaffle.

I am pleased that you think that this is an osmc issue as I am fairly convinced it is too. Even though I am being told it is not. You are right, as I have said, only when profiles are enabled and the login screen enabled too. Thank you for your ‘workaround’. Changing the font works, unless you reboot, log off etc. But that is still a mighty pain in the a*se! Unfortunately I don’t think many people appear to use profiles. In fact ActionA from osmc has quite clearly stated that it is not something used by him (sorry guessing ‘him’ from his userID!) and all I asked was whether someone from osmc could perhaps set up a profile on a pi to try and emulate the problem and see if it is an osmc one. But I think that they are too busy with other stuff to try that at the moment.

Can someone take a photo, or even better, record a video which shows this problem so that I can see the issue myself?

In the meantime, please try this:

  • Go to My OSMC. This can be found under Programs in Confluence.
  • Go to Updates -> Manual Controls
  • Go to ‘Apply Hotfix’
  • Enter this code exactly, without quotation marks: [deprecated]

There are some screenshots in the thread I linked to but I’ve just taken a video which I’ll upload later. The hotfix didn’t seem to do much tbh. Definitely no difference after a restart. I’m not sure if it did anything though as there was no feedback just back to the MyOSMC menu.

I’ve uploaded a video of it here. Sorry about it being a bit wobbly. It shows the problem before, the font being blank, changing font and then the main menu text being there after changing font. This time the menu text in System was okay but sometimes that’s missing as well (there’s a screenshot of that in my thread). Logging out and back in also has the effect of curing it until the next time I restart the Pi.

Thanks Yaffle for doing the work :wink: That exactly shows the problem with profiles and skins with current osmc release on the pi. Let us keep fingers crossed for a quick resolve!

And just because I could I added another wobbly video here: - YouTube

well, you guys are not alone, i hijacked a thread last month and posted my woes there Skin is broken after each reboot since July update - #10 by wildkard

i found a workaround but the crashing (90% of the time i log off) was so random, i had to actually roll back to a raspbmc+xbmc gotham config.

Til this is resolved, i’m stuck in 2013.

I will try and replicate this problem and see if I can figure out what is happening


It does it for me on a completely clean install. No addons or advanced setting.XML. Just create an additional profile and enable the login screen.

Thanks. I was able to replicate this problem myself.

I have resolved this issue and it should be in the October update.


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Brilliant, thanks for that Sam