UHD 60fps movies on Vero4K+?

As seen in this topic:

The Vero 4K+ is unable to play these kinds of movies without crashing. Is this something that will be fixed in a update or will it never be able to play movies like this?

The product page states:

So hopefully it’s something that will be added in the future?

I would need to see another sample to see what the situation is, but I am currently travelling.

On paper we can handle 4K60 HEVC

Someone told me that they watched this film on the Vero today without issues


They gave me this media info:

RUNTIME…: 1 h 57 min 0 s
VIDEO CODEC…: HEVC x265 Main 10@L5.1@High HDR10
FRAMERATE…: 59.940 fps
BITRATE…: 81.0 Mb/s
RESOLUTION…: 3840 x 2160p
AUDIO…: English TrueHD.Atmos.7.1 @ 4 204 kb/s
AUDIO2…: English AC3 at 640 kb/s

Make sure RGB isn’t enabled in settings, I had UHD files at 60 fps not playing a while back and this was cured by disabling RGB.

P.S. There’s something off with this movie, even though I have all processing turned off on my TV its like watching with the “soap opera” effect

I remember the hobbit was released in cinemas at a high frame rate. As I haven’t seen any more movies like that since I had assumed audiences had not liked it due to the soap opera effect.

I don’t know enough about cinematography to know if soap opera effect can be negated, assuming they still haven’t got the hang of it based on your comment. I haven’t seen the movie so can’t say based on my own viewing.

I ended up watching a Bluray remux of it, the said soap opera effect was far too annoying to persevere with it in UHD.

That’s an inevitable consequence of something being shown at 60 frames per second instead of 24. In the cinemas, I think it was actually shown at 120fps.

Ang Lee clearly likes the effect. He did the same thing with Billy Lynn’s Long Half-Time Walk which was also shot in 3D. I think he’s trying to make the cinema more like a holodeck - something that looks like you’re watching something real in real-time rather than looking like a film.

'Gemini Man' And The Fascinating Misfire Of High Frame Rate Filmmaking good write up here.

I had thought after the hobbit in hfr it was dead. Assuming its similar to that.

Well, you know, real life has Soap Opera Effect.

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Actually, it doesn’t.

Although higher frame rate (or frame interpolation by a display) is part of it, the term “Soap Opera Effect” came to be because soap operas were often shot with the largest depth-of-field possible, to keep everything in focus. Add in the 60 fields per second (30 frames, interlaced) that most were shot with, and the mostly static pictures (or slower motion), and it appeared to be 60fps, with extreme depth-of-field.

Real life rarely has this effect, even with people with perfect vision, as it is very hard to keep two objects in focus when one is 2 feet from your eyes and the other is 30 feet away.


I remember reading about a study done years ago looking into this soap opera effect. The takeaway was that basically although a picture looks and smooth (ish) at a minimal frame rate, our eyes and brain are able to clearly distinguish the difference between watching a low frame rate, and looking at the real world. When you start bumping up the frame rate your brain stops being able to distinguish this “fake” from the “real” (for lack of a better term. Some people have gotten used to seeing this low frame rate and their brains switch to a “i’m watching a movie” type of mindset, which helps with suspension of disbelief. When these same people then watch a movie in a high frame rate their brains don’t switch over to this “i’m watching a movie” mindset and so anything that doesn’t seem “correct” in the real world seems off as their brains are trying to rectify things it knows is not normal instead of ignoring them. This explains why a lot of people hated HFR Hobbit (lots of obviously not real stuff) at the same time they have zero issues watching football with the soap opera filter on.

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I wish all movies were shot at 30 fps or higher.
24fps is just way too low for pans.
Scenes that pan give me a headache.
I don’t watch movies with post processing (motion interpolation) by the TV because it adds too many other artifacts.
I’d rather suffer through the few rare jerky looking pans than have to deal with all the artifacts in busy scenes.
What amazes me though is that these studios stick with 24fps but most people’s TVs have frame interpolation enabled by default and they watch everything that way without even knowing the difference.
I setup TVs for a living and the vast majority of my customers have it enabled and I offer to turn it off for them and they have no idea what I’m talking about.
Movies filmed at 30fps or higher look much better, especially in pans.
And since their filmed natively that way there are no artifacts from post processing.
The big gripe for most is the lack of motion blur, but motion blur can be done at higher frame rates.
The industry needs to movie forward with higher frame rates and learn to use it in a way that looks more filmic.
I was really surprised that Hardcore Henry wasn’t released at 60fps, that would have been awesome.
If you don’t think 24fps is in issue with pans, watch the beginning of The Nightmare Before Christmas from 00:01:00 to 00:01:20 when it pans through the forest or watch a movie like Fantastic Beasts.
It’s rather nauseating.

So i thought the problem might be my hdmi cable, i bought a new cable that is 4K 60Htz capable and tried playing big buck bunny, the 4k 60fps version. Still dropping frames like crazy.

Here are my logs:

I hope anyone has a solution.

The version of that film that I found when googling for “big buck bunny 4K 60fps” is encoded as h.264. h.264 videos are only supported up to 4k/30fps. For 4K/60fps playback it would need to be encoded as HEVC, which is the codec that is used on all 4K blu ray disks.

You pasted a link to the pastebin itself and not a log. An actual log would have been at paste.osmc.tv/[random string of letters]
If you were manually posting a log instead of using the log uploader in the MyOSMC add-on then you would need to hit the save button in the upper right corner to get the url.

I just bought and ripped Gemini Man 4K today using MakeMKV.

And it plays fine on my Vero 4K (not plus). It did buffer 4 times so far (I’m still watching it, 1 hour so far, and the buffering was only for about a second) The buffering is so minor that I can probably just do a small adjustment to take care of that.

The video is beautiful. However, my TV does not support 4K@60, so it’s being down scaled to 1080@60 HDR.

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Gemini Man i 4k HDR 60 fps Runs smoothly on my TV with the Vero 4k+.

That’s nice. But note this thread.

Which part are you referring to @angry.sardine? The GUI part or the temp part? Neither was an issue for me. GUI worked fine after the movie and the temp stayed around 60.