Vero 4K+ messes with ARC

I am having a very annoying issue with HDMI ARC.

I have hooked the Vero 4K+ up to my Onkyo TX-NR646. The Onkyo is hooked up to a LG OLED55C8. I watch Netflix and YouTube with the apps on the TV with audio via ARC to the AVR. Before I had the Vero everything worked fine. But with the Vero connected the audio form TV to AVR frequently stops working. I tried to pin down the exact circumstances when it happens, but I didn’t succeed at that. I read several topics about ARC-issues and already tried some things:

  • Disabled CEC on the Vero
  • Enabled HPD Lock in Kodi
  • Tried different HDMI cables (Premium certified). Bought two new ones for between vero and AVR and between AVR and TV.
  • Use the suspend feature (via Logitech Harmony, so the Vero is always suspended when I don’t use it).
  • Tried using spdif from TV to AVR, but that is not an option for me, because with spdif Dolby Atmos over DD+ doesn’t work (with ARC, it does).

A temporary fix to the problem is disconnecting the HDMI cable in the Vero. But when I put it back, the sound via ARC is off again.
The only solution is rebooting the Vero. After the reboot, the sound via ARC returns.

The problem occurs one or more times a day, so it is very annoying for me and my family. Can anyone help me with this?

Does this happen if you keep Vero on?
Does it happen if you switch sources?

It also happened when I kept the Vero on (before I used suspend).
If it happens it is always when I start using the TV. Never during. So when it works correctly, it keeps working until I switch off and switch on later.

Can you upload a log when this happens so I can see what state the HDMI PHY is in?


Should that be a debug log or is a normal log sufficient?

I know my way around a bash-shell, so if that is necessary that will be no problem.

grab-logs -A via SSH (without switching TV source) will be helpful.

I will do that.

It happened again today at 21:45. The logs are here:

Strange is that I haven’t used the Vero all day. My son has had the issue around 16:54 but I wasn’t at home to record the logs. My son rebooted around 16:54 but forgot to put the Vero in stand by. I did that on 17:47. After that I have used Netflix with audio until about 21:35. Then I switched the TV and AVR off. Ten minutes later I switch them back on again and ARC stopped working. The Vero is in suspend mode all the time. You wouldn’t expect the Vero to be the cause. But rebooting the Vero is the only thing that helps. Unplugging the Vero HDMI cable helps, but ARC stops working immediately when I put the cable back.

After rebooting the Vero and switching back to the TV-apps, the audio is back. I don’t touch the TV or AVR other than starting a video (YouTube or Netflix). So the TV and AVR stay on and I don’t switch the input.

The logs after the reboot:

All without switching the ARV to the Vero. I reboot it with a key on my Harmony remote.

Do you see something useful in the logs?

The suspend option will turn off the TMDS clock, which will prevent ARC signals from passing through. I may change this in a future update.

The issue may go away if you don’t use suspend.

I started using suspend when I had ARC-issues. But I’ll stop using suspend for a while to see what happens then.

I had a similar issue with my B6. I had the Vero connected to the TV and the sound goes through arc to the Yamaha receiver.

It would stop working frequently until I disabled cec on the Vero. Now it goes on the fritz only when we have a power outage and I have to fiddle with it a little to get it to work.

I didn’t even try to see what happens with the vero4k+.

Yep I have had this issue for months with both the Vero 4k and now the 4k+.
I have an LG SK8000 connected to a Denon AVRx2400H and the Vero 4k+ connects into the Denon AVR. I have also disabled HDMI CEC on the Vero. It seems the Vero is transmitting a rouge signal that is blocking ARC. Like other people I end up disconnecting the HDMI lead between the Vero and AVR.
I did mean to post about this issue again now that I’ve been having it with the new 4k+ but I know Sam and the team have been busy and I’ve been busy myself.

How I disable HDMI CEC? Having similar issue…

System>input>peripherals>cec adapter


I’ve had this problem from the get go with my Vero 4K+ as well.
I never turn my Vero off and sometimes it just wont let other devices take over ARC.
When that happens I just shut the Vero down since I’m trying to use a TV app or something else anyway.
Hope this gets resolved because it can be a little tedious sometimes, especially for my family when I’m not home.

While not an ARC specific thing. I too have had some odd issues with HDMI CEC with my Vero 4K +.

One issue is where the Vero seems to take input control, even when it’s not commanded to. I’ve not been able to pin down how or why.

The other one, which was a new one I experienced yesterday, after updating the firmware on my Yamaha RX-V3083 (aka A3070), when I went to play something on the Vero 4K, it’d play the first second or two, then something would happen to the HDMI visual signal where it’d change resolutions to something incompatible.

I’d have to switch away manually from the vero input, then back to it again, to get the menu to even come back.

It was readily reproducible at that time too.

I was a bit worried that it was related to the firmware update to my receiver, but after rebooting the Vero, it all came good again and has been working fine since.

There’s definitely something a little screwy going on.

Is it too late to capture logs given I’ve rebooted it and its been a day or so?

Edit: actually, the later issue sounds quite like this:

After a firmware upgrade it can be that HDMI assignment changed to it might be recommended to powerdown all devices at the power source and restart after 3 minutes with the TV and AVR.

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Different people with different setup have experienced the same issue.
Have you tried a different HDMI cable to connect the Vero 4K+

Yes. I did that before posting this topic. I bought two premium certified HDMI cables to replace the ones from the Vero to the AVR and from the AVR to the TV.