Vero IR Remote Issues

i am experiencing the same problems with my remote :dizzy_face:
the workarround from “vajonam” sounds plausible but i am “scared” to open vero and lose my warranty.

I am sorry to hear this

We will take these suggestions on board for future production of the Vero!

It does seem the range is a little limited. We should however, be able to resolve some issues such as the rapid key presses in software


Same issue for me… but we paid for a good remote : :sleepy:
The CEC TV also problematic because a bad HDMI cable as @sam_nazarko tell here

I payed more than other devices for the quality of the set (Vero+HDMI+Remote) but only the Vero is good.
I think @sam_nazarko should think about a partial refund: Vero does not offer all what we payed for (and @sam_nazarko you are honest in confirm the problems, but I think this is not enough).

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This thread isn’t about CEC, it’s about the IR remote. There are lots of other threads talking about the CEC issue.

Similar to Kickstarter, you paid to make a product happen, not a finished, polished device that has years of development behind it already. Any issues that can be resolved over time with software updates shouldn’t be considered for any refund, nor the extras that came with the device, like the HDMI cable. Let’s be honest, most devices don’t even come with an HDMI cable, and when they do, you likely need to get a new one anyway.

If the fix is to remove the IR window, let that come from Sam, with official instructions. If the fix is something he can push out with software update, just give him some time. If you need a new HDMI cable, just be glad it came with one in the first place, so now you have an extra for something else when you get a new one. If there’s something physically wrong with your Vero hardware, that’s when you should let him know you want a refund.

My $0.02 on the subject.


I update OSMC, but the remote problems still here. Delay response, or continuos activity even if no button pressed. Range is less than 3 meters.I think this is a hardware problem in IR sender/receiver and I think @sam_nazarko can’t solve with SW update. Then I select the Apple Remote in MyOSMC->Remote, but it does not respond (I can’t select the CONFIRM button) . At the end I change the HDMI cable so I can CEC TV and use my HUMAX remote. It was better if Vero cost less money without this buggy remote and HDMI cable.

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When I say give it some time for software updates, I mean weeks or months. Keep in mind that both the hardware and the software are brand new, and need additional development. There are lots of other issues that will take precedence over this (since there are plenty of workarounds), just look at the topics that are coming into the Help and Support board. And take a look at how large the XBMC/Kodi community is, it takes years to work out all the bugs and port code over to new devices.

That may be true, but give @sam_nazarko some time to test that, and reach out to the supplier. If you look at other threads (specifically the CEC related threads), there are plenty of folks not having issues with the remote. You and I (and the others with this issue) may have got a bad batch of IR filters, or whatever the root issue may be. If that’s the case, I’m certain a replacement IR filter or a replacement unit could be sent our way.

As far as a temporary workaround, I’ve been using a USB wireless keyboard/mouse. It’s not as elegant as the remote, but it works.

You could also try one of the Kodi remote apps on your mobile phone.

Or you could use a USB IR receiver, and point LIRC at your USB device instead of the onboard IR receiver.

Just trying to list temporary solutions for you @Paedrae, I know that none of these are the perfect solution. I’m certain a fix will come for this, in time, especially if more people are finding they have the same issue. There are lots of folks complaining about the CEC issue, and I’m sure that will be resolved in the near future. Make sure you follow those threads to get the latest updates.

And yes, you will need a new HDMI cord to get CEC working in the future, but that seems like a fair deal to me. In the meantime, just give @sam_nazarko some time work, he has a LOT of issues coming at him from every direction, and the forum is supposed to be a means of documenting problems, and helping others in the community. If us documenting the IR remote issues helps the next batch of Vero’s not have the issue, it’s worth it to me.

I agree with you @eth3real, and I’m not joking. The problem here is not that the SW has problems (all sw have, and I trust in @sam_nazarko skills and passions) , the bad fact is that we pay for things and these ones do not function as specification (nobody force @sam_nazarko to talk about “great remote” and “CEC TV supported”) .
Half an hour with the remote or a quick test with the cable in the box shows all the problems.
I think your explanation was perfect if we did not pay for HDMI and remote and should use our own :wink:

I hope this will help to avoid similar mistake in the future.

I love OSMC. I love Vero. And I promise @sam_nazarko real and taste Italian Sparkling Wine because his great work. But I think I’ll do bad for him if I do not underline the problems and the other side of this first Vero delivery.


Hey @sam_nazarko, any updates on this?

As a side note, I’ve noticed that when the WiFi traffic is very high (found while watching a 1080p MKV file from NFS server), the Vero will disregard the IR input altogether. The USB keyboard still works fine, of course.

Hi there!

I just have received my vero and exactly the same problems.
I click one, and there are replicate clicks for 4 or 5 seconds. Impossible to use.

Is there any update on this?

I have to completely agree here.

When watching a movie over WiFi/NFS and MySQL Remote DB.
Actually - I managed to reduce that a little bit by <readbufferfactor>5.0</readbufferfactor> that I had set to that. At 1 - It was buffering regularly so I had to increase that.
Thing is - I don’t have a dedicated WiFi link. There are others using it.

Anyone has some fine-tuning tips for WiFi/NFS and MySQL ?

BTW - This a completely updated Vero - RC2 and latest updates that came in.

Hi Sam,
I’m having the same problem with the remote- I click once and it is received, then after a short pause the clicks continue for several seconds after. This happens even in the main menu when I’m not playing anything. Earlier in the thread there was talk about it being a problem with wifi, but I’m connected by Ethernet.
Let me know if you need more information to figure out what’s going wrong.

bump To put it back up.
Anyone figured out a way to get rid of it ? or has analyzed and identified the root cause of this ?
I have my suspicions, but nothing I can yet visualize with hard data.

For me it has been better since the most recent update (Sunday?). Before then, the problem always seemed to come and go, so I’m hesitant to say that it’s fixed, but this is the longest period where I’ve had no problems with it, so fingers crossed it is. I have absolutely no idea what goes on inside the box though, so can’t begin to speculate on the cause.

FYI - I have fixed it on my setup. What you need to know, is that I had prepared to replace my NAS for some time now, and the past Week-End I have replaced it. That was only part of the Fix though.
The old NAS was based on 8 2.5" disks/software raid 5+1 running on an Atom CPU 1.6GHz system with 2 GB Ram.
As there were also other systems accessing it, the data-flow was not really continuous. So I think that was the first part of the problem.
Re-adding my RouterOS/Mikrotik WiFi bridge to have the Vero run through ethernet actually fixed all the issues I had. Note that the “black” screen interruptions of the movie with audio cut (Was another thread), is also fixed.

IMHO, I think we have here a problem that is a combination of non-fluid data-flow that can be caused by either the data-source or the transport media - that is here the WiFi.

I experience this issue.

My current setup is as basic as it gets: fresh 2015.10-1 image on my Vero, watching from media stored on a 32GB USB stick. I can confirm this issue almost always seems to pop up when there is network traffic, e.g. when looking at new skins. It caused me quite a headache when I was just trying to initiate the wireless connection to my home network: I would press “OK” to connect, and then the button press would repeat several times, unfortunately on the “Cancel” option.

Some have advocated for time to diagnose the problem, and we are now in November. Since this thread was initiated in April, is there a software fix for this yet?

And, now it’s nearly a year later and no solution in sight.

Not really acceptable.

Don’t necromance threads. I’m sure if these users issues persisted they would have kept posting

The symptoms may be similar but the cause never is

On the contrary @sam_nazarko, the issues still persist, we have just lost faith in the project. Wasting my time posting details about issues that can not or will not be fixed is not what I had in mind when I pre-ordered this project.

FYI, using Ethernet instead of WiFi is not a fix. And @sam_nazarko, I will point out that you stopped replying on this thread months before we did…

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No one suggested it was a fix, we were trying to rule out issues at the time.

Are you on the latest software?

If so, you may need a replacement remote

I’m certain it’s not up-to-date at the moment, I will update my device and let you know in a bit.

Thank you @sam_nazarko