Cheatsheets and Tutorials for users new to Linux based operating systems

Hopefully this will help some folks out

More cheatsheets:


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I would like to add this free source I’m currently using:

Linux Journey -
It’s a lesson based tutorial with exercises presented in a very friendly way.


Not a Cheatsheet but with detailed explanation about the most important Commands - however for German-speaking Readers: Linux-Anwenderhandbuch:wink:
It also contains a brief History of UNIX/ Linux in the first Chapter.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Can someone tell me how to reset the data? I’ve put so much shit in it that I’d like to start from scratch again. Without losing the My Oscm, of course.

This will return you to Kodi default settings. Enter the following commands with an SSH connection.

systemctl stop mediacenter
mv ~/.kodi ~/kodi.bak
systemctl start mediacenter

If needed you can restore:

systemctl stop mediacenter
mv ~/.kodi ~/kodi.bk2
mv ~/kodi.bak ~/.kodi
systemctl start mediacenter

If your original setup was restored as expected and you want get rid of the unneeded clean install you can delete that with the following command.

rm -r ~/kodi.bk2

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Hi. Ask me for a password to access. which?

it already. osmc and osmc. Thank you very much, I already have it clean.